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Help needed - sandals

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snowaccidentprone Wed 03-Jun-15 21:05:38

I have stupid feet. They function ok as feet, but 'dressing' them is a pitahmm

I am a 6.5 or 7, though in a sandal I usually wear a 6,

I have very narrow feet.

And fallen arches.

Not very deep (iykwim) - usually get around this by wearing inner soles, but can't see how with sandals.

I have also just started wearing orthotics in my shoes. The podiatrist said I could put these in my sandals, and hold them in place with Velcro. I think this would work, but they are black, so realistically I'm looking for something with a black inner sole. I have seen these which I love.

They have to be soft natural fibres or fabric.

I know some of you vipers have a huge interest in all things stylish, so I'm hoping you've seen something on your perusal which may be ok?

snowaccidentprone Wed 03-Jun-15 21:07:23

Furball Wed 03-Jun-15 21:19:06

What about something like this they are classed as 'sports sandals' and look like they have their own arch support?

snowaccidentprone Wed 03-Jun-15 21:42:26

Thanks, but all clarks sandals are too wide. I think I've tried every style in there last year.

Shonajay Thu 04-Jun-15 07:33:46

I'd suggest going somewhere like TK Maxx and taking your orthotics with you, and trying on everything you,can. Total pain, but they do so many makes yours bound to find something you like and that works?

SugarplumKate Thu 04-Jun-15 07:47:57

Gabor is brilliant for narrow feet. I tend to order a few pairs from Amazon at a time (free delivery, free returns), super comfy too.

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