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Footner. Doable in 11 days or not?

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vindscreenviper Wed 03-Jun-15 10:25:18

Please help Footner veterans, I've read some of the other threads but can't really get a handle on how long the leprosy stage lasts for most people and wonder if I've left it too late.

Wedding (not mine) in 11 days, and I have some lovely strappy sandals to wear. My feet aren't too bad, toes and balls are ok but the heels look a bit yellow and mottled.
Should I do a footner today or will I still be peeling in 11 days, I am also booked for a St Tropez in 10 days, will I end up with mottled leopard skin feet if the peeling continues?

I know I should be more organised blush...

lunar1 Wed 03-Jun-15 10:28:11

Mine normally are fine after ten days. I'd give you feet a really good soak every day as that helps speed it up a little.

vindscreenviper Wed 03-Jun-15 10:31:04

Thanks lunar, do you just soak in warm water or do you add anything? Do you think that using something like a cracked heel cream move things along, or will it make the skin sore?

Littlepumpkinpie Wed 03-Jun-15 11:22:49

Sometimes mines done in five days and other times it's taken 14days if you've never done it before I wouldn't do it this close to the wedding

vindscreenviper Wed 03-Jun-15 11:57:07

I think you're right, I don't want to risk leaving a trail of dead skin behind me. I'll wait until a few weeks before my holidays, in fact I'll go and mark it on the calendar so I don't leave it too late sad

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