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Nude bag for a wedding

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MumsyPoppsy Tue 02-Jun-15 19:14:12

Could I ask for some help finding a nude leather bag for a wedding? My budget is about £250. I'm wearing nude heels and it's a fairly formal do. I'd love to take a clutch bag but I'm taking my toddler, so that's impossible!! I'm thinking maybe a medium shoulder bag. I'm going to have a separate nappy bag in the pushchair (in the cloakroom). The nude bag needs to be able to hold wetwipes,a camera and hairbrush, a mini Elsa doll lol etc. I love the TOMS Vachetta Patterned Perforated Jetset Bucket Bag but I'm worried it's too informal.
I'm so worried about this wedding because I usually feel a bit of a scruffy mummy!
Any help much appreciated

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