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Chchchchanging Tue 02-Jun-15 00:17:54

V good friend announced wedding when I will be 6-8wks post baby
She knows I intend to bf but is so far loving super tight frocks
She won't hear of me dropping out insisting it's no issue (defo not me assuming!!)
But I really don't think she gets how baked I'll be in a tight dress- one having a terrible post partum body and then needing to sit in loos feeding when taking dress off wink and at 6weeks most if day
Oh and it's November and likely to be snowing in the location...
Can anyone suggest any 50"a style dresses which are bf friendly?(whole wedding 50s theme)
Pee baby size 10
Last time post baby at same time prob size 14 with huuuuuge boobs!!

Chchchchanging Tue 02-Jun-15 00:18:25

Naked not baked

Turquoiseblue Tue 02-Jun-15 08:03:22

I hear ya! Am usually a size 8 but post baby I ve always been about a 14 for the first few months.
I would defo tackle it now rather than later when there could be a bust up about it. TBH if she s that good a friend I would sit her down and have a frank chat, I personally would outline not just how it s going to be physically difficult to predict your size and fit but also if you re BF just how available you ll need to be (to even the best of babies - I brought my dd to a wedding at the same age ) either way you need something to wear though.

The wedding I went to was in summer so I wore a long maxi dress with a halter neck - strapless support bra - with a wrap/ cardi over it. I did pop out to the lounge or quieter areas for privacy when feeding.

I ve also a few seraphine dresses a nd tops that have stood the test of time and two pregnancies and am bringing them out again for this pregnancy so can recomend their stuff ! You don't mention colour so have just picked a few I saw recently that could double up as end of maternity / early post natal wear. Ebay might also be your friend if you keep an eye for the next while - I picked up a few bits that were hardly worn there too.

this is nice and could work in winter with opaques etc.

this from asos?

have to say I LOVE this look, you could probably feed in it as it s jersey and with heels and a sparkly --changing-- bag it s pretty!

I have another dress I wore to an occasion when breast feeding - from reiss . However given that you re shopping for November when it ll be a completely different season and you don't know what size you ll be it s difficult really!

Chchchchanging Tue 02-Jun-15 23:56:29

Thanks for reply, love that dress
I've been delicate but clear so fa when date is finalised next week I will be clear on I can be bm but not wear that dress etc
I am sososo so looking forwards to it. And also dreading it...

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