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Petite and can't find anything to fit!

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WestYorkshireGirl Mon 01-Jun-15 23:07:20

Ok, ladies, I have tiny bust, short arms and am about 5ft1 and a size 8. Got fairly chubby thighs and not a flat tummy either.
Really struggling to find nice clothes, especially tops as normal size 8 tops are now too baggy. Tried Next, Wallis, GAP, BHS and Principles but not finding much I like...tell me where you shop please!!

llwynogbach Mon 01-Jun-15 23:09:49

I have this problem being a 4ft 10 curvy size 8, I just discovered Dorothy Perkins petite...I'm completely converted and slightly skint now!

Tizwailor Tue 02-Jun-15 00:06:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shonajay Tue 02-Jun-15 05:35:47

Dorothy Perkins. They always seem to have a sale on too, and free returns. They do tons of standard sizes and then the same outfit in petite, and there's always loads of petite in the sale. Have a look online today you'll be pleasantly surprised I think.

Mominatrix Tue 02-Jun-15 05:39:52

Try American labels - J Crew and Banana Republic. I'm 5'2 and the backbone of my wardrobe is J Crew. Great styles, and I never need to take them to the tailors for alteration.

bigTillyMint Tue 02-Jun-15 06:39:52

Ooh, DD is a curvy 5'2" size 8 and we are going to NY in October, so I will keep J Crew in mind!

BumbleNova Tue 02-Jun-15 09:50:34

banana republic are great for short people like me. their petite section is fab.

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