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Quick poll- which shoes do you prefer?

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tethersend Sun 31-May-15 21:23:32




For work. Need to be able to walk a fair distance in them.

I can't decide... Help!

ASorcererIsAWizardSquared Sun 31-May-15 21:26:13

i'm not keen on either, but i think b look more hard wearing/lasting if you're going to be doing a fair bit of walking!

IanHislopsLawyer Sun 31-May-15 21:26:38

The Office pair. They're classic and less casual than the others.

Brookville Sun 31-May-15 21:30:37

Pair B are definitely a bit more interesting. But I can't keep slip one on my feet. Could you walk in trainers with a pair of shoes in your bag?

SwedishEdith Sun 31-May-15 21:31:11

The Office pair look more comfortable but I'd want a rubber sole if doing lots of walking.

ApologiseForAnotherDay Sun 31-May-15 21:31:44


pictish Sun 31-May-15 21:32:31

If I had to pick (because neither are to my taste at all) I'd say B. They're more stylish.

Babymamamama Sun 31-May-15 21:34:16

B. I'm afraid the other pair remind me of the 1990s.

loveliesbleeding1 Sun 31-May-15 21:35:18

At a push B, but personally I would want a different colour.

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sun 31-May-15 21:37:08


BikeRunSki Sun 31-May-15 21:38:21

B, but surely you are the solver of all s&B dilemmas tethers. You can't have one yourself.

ChishandFips33 Sun 31-May-15 21:40:55

A (I'm a plain girl!)
Have you tried them on? If not order both and see which are the most comfortable?

WipsGlitter Sun 31-May-15 21:43:59


But not mad keen on either of them.

burnishedsilver Sun 31-May-15 21:44:09


AMcoffeeLover Sun 31-May-15 21:51:14

I own A and they are very comfortable! Not overly sexy but comfy and not bad looking smile

RJnomore Sun 31-May-15 21:52:37

B. by miles.

AlwaysOneMissing Sun 31-May-15 21:55:31


AuntOlive Sun 31-May-15 21:58:51

Definitely A.

Imscarlet Sun 31-May-15 22:02:33

B but neither would be to my taste

tethersend Sun 31-May-15 22:18:41

Ooh thanks- AMcoffeelover, can I ask how pointed/rounded the toe is? I can't find a photo of the top of them...

A have a bit of a cute look to them so I'd go with them. B may be more appropriate for the walking but I they're too manly for me

LondonRocks Sun 31-May-15 23:24:30


IHaveBrilloHair Sun 31-May-15 23:25:08

B, but get rid of the tassels.

Greengardenpixie Sun 31-May-15 23:49:07

Neither. Im sure there are nicer things to wear out there that would look nice and great for waking.

Greengardenpixie Sun 31-May-15 23:49:48

If it had to be a choice, definetly A. B are just hiddeous.

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