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40something skin care (yet again)

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burnishedsilver Sun 31-May-15 17:58:13

I have ok skin. I don't have spots or blackheads, dry or oily skin. I am, however looking old and sun damaged with droopy eyelids. I am beginning to realise that my same old skin care routine needs to be kicked up a notch. Inspired by other threads here I am planning on ordering the following...

- La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel
- La Roche Posay Redermic R
- Hylamide Sub Q Anti-Age Serum
- Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating facial pads
- Heliocare SPF 50 Gel

Do I need anything else?
Do I need an eye cream?
I know I need a moisturiser. I'll wait until my current stocks run out but any suggestions welcome.

Bonsoir Sun 31-May-15 18:06:58

You need Bioderma Créaline cleanser to remove your make-up and grime every evening.
A Clarisonic brush and Clarisonic cleanser to wake up your skin in the bath or shower every morning.
A hydrating mask which you use every morning for 10 minutes after Clarisonic.

burnishedsilver Sun 31-May-15 18:09:15

Thanks Bonsoir. Is that in addition to whats on the list or instead of the cleansing gel?

BabyGanoush Sun 31-May-15 18:10:05

I love REN products, two that Zi think work ate:

Glycolactic mask, or the scrub (which is similar, easy to use in shower) in the white-orange packaging.

Beauty shot, I use this under moisturiser, it fades fine lines

Am 44 with "normal"-ish skin

Bonsoir Sun 31-May-15 18:12:03

Instead of the cleansing gel.

Proper cleansing is the most important step in skin care - it's 80% of the job. If your skin is super clean, most good brands of moisturizing creams will work well - what they need most of all is squeaky clean skin that allows them to penetrate and do their job!

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