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Maternity cigarette/slim trousers

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Runningupthathill82 Sun 31-May-15 08:20:03

Please recommend me some decent maternity trousers. Black, under-bump and preferably ankle grazing.
I live in cigarette trousers for work at this time of year, when it's too warm for black opaque tights and too cold for summery dresses.

However, I'm 6 weeks pregnant and have already popped out of almost all of them, aside from an old pair from Next that have never washed properly so look awful anyway.

The polyester horrors I saw on a failed shopping trip for said trousers yesterday (looking at you, Red Herring) almost made me cry. Have ordered some from topshop online but worried they'll be too long, as they don't do a short leg and I really need a 30".

Pre-preg I was a size 10 and 5ft 6, with short stumpy legs. I'm now similar but with a huge bloated belly...

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