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Ankle grazer trousers... Do I just give up?

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Jellypudmum Sat 30-May-15 23:58:29

I've spent an entire ( wasted ) day trying to find a pair of black smart / casual ankle grazer trousers in a size 18/20. Wanted a stretchy fabric but not jeggings if that makes sense. I have a sort of semi shiny stretchy smart chino type thing in mind. Main thing that I need with my disproportionate figure though is the stretch.
Is there such a pair of trousers out there?

LadyB49 Sun 31-May-15 00:22:31

In December I got a pair on line of size 18 from M & Co. Black jacquard and lined, really nicely finished £35. They are still my go to if I want to be smartly dressed.

Also got a pair from Principles with tiny cuff, elastic waist (horrors) so was able to downsize from 18 to 14 and got them in sale for £8.

TheOldWiseOne Sun 31-May-15 00:30:13

TheOldWiseOne Sun 31-May-15 00:30:55

OOPS I have these - they are really nice.

Eastpoint Sun 31-May-15 07:26:24

Have you tried Gap?

Lightas Sun 31-May-15 07:39:41

In the Next clearance bit, there are some black ultimate capri trousers for £10 down from £38, there are also others in Next.

Also as Eastpoint says, try GAP

Also M&S 7/8 trousers.

DosDuchas Sun 31-May-15 08:47:33

I was going to say Zara but of course only cater for midgets.
Next ?

DosDuchas Sun 31-May-15 08:47:54

Plus gap slim crops. V nice. Order online

MissWimpyDimple Sun 31-May-15 08:49:56

I have some boden bistro crops which have a decent amount of stretch in them. Not ankle grazer strictly speaking but it depends on your height as for me they certainly are at 5'3"

TisILeclerc Sun 31-May-15 09:49:06

I got some from sainsburys recently. Black sateen with a flattering pin tuck effect down the front (not really a pin tuck, more like the edging on self bound buttonholes). I've now bought another pair as I can see me wearing them so much. Iirc they were £16.

blodynmawr Sun 31-May-15 12:21:13

I am a size 18 and get on better with the Boden Chelsea trousers than the Bistro trousers mentioned above.
Boden codes here.

Lizzyc1982 Sun 31-May-15 14:05:38

I searched for ever for what you have described, in the end I got some in red herring debenhams. They are called ankle grazers (but don't on me as I'm short) I have to turn them up a lot, they have a bit of stretch in so keep shape and are also comfy to wear.

lurkingaround Sun 31-May-15 14:20:16

Gap slim cropped or tailored cropped? I would link but the phone ain't cooperating.

KatyPeary Sun 31-May-15 14:22:36

slim cropped, look flappy here but iirc aren't flappy in irl

Behooven Sun 31-May-15 14:49:59

...whispers... I bought my favourite ankle grazers from ..whispers again...BHS!
Flat front, perfect length, bit of stretch and not shiny, I bought navy and stone colours as I've already got some black Boden Chelsea which are also nice.

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