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Handbags again - please deter me from wasting money (photos attached)

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pussinboots61 Sat 30-May-15 18:45:03

Aside from the backpack issue, I know I need to carry a handbag daily whatever. I currently have a Tula organiser bag, long strap which can be shortened to shoulder strap. It costs about £80 in John Lewis, I got it for £25 off Ebay, brand new aswell. I have always always wanted this bag, but now I've got it I find it a bit heavy when worn across my body and it pulls on my clothes. Its a very useful bag with organised pockets and I can even fit in my tablet in the front pocket if needed.

But, I have always liked scoop shaped shoulder bags and I have found one on Ebay, a leather M&S one for about a tenner including postage, I have had this style of bag before and loved it but then I wonder about it coming off my shoulder and will it be less practical than the cross body bag.

Or I could give up on both these and go for the cheap patchwork Lorenz bag which is tiny and I used one of these for a good few years until the zip broke. It costs about a fiver, on Amazon and you can also get them in the markets. It holds just the basics, but does hold more than it looks to do on the photo. However, I always have another bag with extras in that I need anyway, its just that if I was using this bag on its own for an occasion without another bag (backpack or tote bag) I would have nowhere to put my tablet or notebook if needed.

Just want some advice really before I buy any more bags. Which would you prefer, would you persevere with the Tula bag?

pussinboots61 Sun 31-May-15 00:02:04


Libitina Sun 31-May-15 10:22:42

Have you tried looking at Kipling bags? Very strong, but lightweight and usually loads of different sections and pockets for organising. Try Amazon for the best prices.

TeresaGiudicesForehead Sun 31-May-15 11:00:58

I wouldn't buy any of these bags if I already had an organiser bag. They all look similar to the Tula bag but much cheaper looking. I'd either invest a decent amount of money in something that's going to last and that will cover all your needs (like a kipling) or stick to what you have until you can find the perfect bag.

pussinboots61 Sun 31-May-15 12:51:11

Thanks for your replies. I've had my eye on a Kipling bag but would it be smart enough for most purposes?

Libitina Mon 01-Jun-15 16:50:40

Yes, depending on what material and pattern you get.

BeCool Mon 01-Jun-15 16:59:17

I have a handbag that has an over the shoulder strap and a long strap - very versatile. Actually the over the shoulder strap broke but now I can double loop the across body strap and use it for both purposes. I use it all the time and find it very versatile if a little big.

This is the bag I have - it is expensive even on discount, but you can see what I mean about the same bag having 2 straps/uses.

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