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shower caps

(4 Posts)
Greengardenpixie Fri 29-May-15 20:19:25

Hate hate hate washing my hair daily. Want to shower but the steam and water makes it feel dirty. What do you use? Atm, i just lower my shower but i find it annoying. Is there anything better than a shower cap? My shower cap just leaked through or my hair was damp with condensation. Just googled and found this! Is it worth the price tag?


ShyGirlie Sat 30-May-15 09:11:08

i just use shower cap, followed by a couple of minutes blast with the hairdrier around my forehead and nape of neck - those are the bits that tend to get damp.

wouldnt spend that much on a shower cap, i get one from gordoms chemist for a pound, its big so fits all of my long thick hair in. lasts a couple of months, then the elastic goes so i just replace it. they start to smell a bit musty from all the dampness by then anyway.

Nolim Sat 30-May-15 09:16:17

The best shower caps are the disposable ones from hotels. For me they last longer than the ones from the store.

Greengardenpixie Sat 30-May-15 09:21:05

Thank you. I think i will try the blast from the hairdryer. Never actually thought about doing that!!!

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