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Help me decide what to keep (or soothe my guilt)

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AuntOlive Fri 29-May-15 15:19:24

I had a bit of a shopping spree yesterday having just been paid. I went a bit mad and wouldn't normally keep this much stuff - but I like it all and haven't really bought any new stuff for ages.

My question to you is... do you think these are wise buys? I am 44 a slightly podgy size 12 & 5ft 5 if that helps....

I am unsure about the long sleeved Whistles top as it's a funny length - hits just on fattest part of tum - but all the others fit OK. Even the Gap midi dresses are very forgiving on a less than flat midriff. Would value your feedback as have no-one to go shopping with.. TIA

Here goes:
Whistles short sleeved navy T shirt

Whistles long sleeved navy linen top

Gap dress with drawstring waist

Gap black and white diagonal stripe dress

Gap navy jersey dress

White Stuff breton style dress

White Stuff orange T shirt (might seem random colour but I have a lot of navy which I think? it works with, also an orangey skirt which I've had for ages and nothing to wear with..

StrawberryMojito Fri 29-May-15 15:27:15

Ok, I really like the whistles short sleeve tshirt, I can't open the link for the long sleeve top. I also really like the Gap draw string dress but not keen on the black and white stripey diagonal one at all.

The other 2 dresses I could take or leave and didn't particularly like the orange t shirt but if you think you'd get a lot of wear out of it then great.

Disclaimer: I am no Alexa Chung when it comes to an eye for fashion.

stripytees Fri 29-May-15 15:32:56

I think they are good basic things you can get a lot of wear out of.

I love orange with navy, it also goes well with grey.

If I had to pick one thing to return, it would be the Gap diagonal stripe dress.

burnishedsilver Fri 29-May-15 15:37:16

I wouldn't keep the white stuff items. In my experience similar pieces have washed badly. The rest of it you'll wear to death.

AuntOlive Fri 29-May-15 15:42:02

Thanks all. Gah - the diagonal stripe dress was on the probable 'keeper' list - I know it sounds hideous but looked good on I thought- especially with a navy jersey biker style jacket over it...

But I will consider again carefully! It isn't even navy/white as I initially thought in the shop (but black/white ) which made me hesitate, not sure I want to look like a zebra.

But I thought it might look navy if worn with navy... but see how I am talking myself into this - which is why I am so grateful for your advice!

Greengardenpixie Fri 29-May-15 15:48:20

Ok, so have had a look through. I am the same height and am also slightly podgy size 12! If it were me i would take back the whistles short sleeve tee. They are ten a penny and you can buy them anywhere. It doesnt look anything special. The long sleeved tee on the other hand is something i think i would wear a lot. I like the shape and its slightly more unusual. I would keep the gap stripey dress and the navy one. I think i would take back the white stuff one, simply cause its too plain and a bit boring. I love the drawstring gap dress too.

Greengardenpixie Fri 29-May-15 15:49:57

Oh and the orange tee is lovely so would keep that. It will look lovely with navy.

Greengardenpixie Fri 29-May-15 15:51:10

I like the gap stripey dress. Its unusual and i love the shape. Its quirky!

Floisme Fri 29-May-15 15:51:19

Ooh I love that orange - please keep!

The long-sleeved Whistles T won't open but I think I know the one you mean as I've tried it on too. It hung really nicely but I agree it was quite long, although I'm a couple of inches shorter than you.

I'm not sure about the dresses - I don't hate any of them but it can be a fine line between forgiving and shapeless so I'd need to see them on and I might just keep one of them. A couple of the necklines look quite high - does that suit you?

The short sleeved T looks like a good basic.

The long sleeved Whistles tee isn't doing a great deal for me and I don't like the orange tee-shirt. I definitely wouldn't wear an orange t-shirt and an orangey skirt together, personally.

I'd keep the short sleeved Whistles top, because it's a v useful basic and those t-shirts tend to wash well and hold their shape well, compared to cheaper ones. So, even though it doesn't look like much in the pic, you're likely to really get your money's worth out of it.

The WS Breton dress is the sort of thing I'd normally say 'Yes' too, but it looks too long even on the model, who's probably a gazelle. Those dresses need to be short, I think.

Don't like the drawstring dress. The other two are okay, but I'd probably keep one or the other, rather than both - the black and white one. That could potentially work with sandals or Converse on its own, with a denim jacket, or a biker when it's cooler.

AuntOlive Fri 29-May-15 16:03:42

Thank you all.
Flo - yes I love high necklines, although have quite large boobs I find that the straighter high necks are Ok as (a) they prevent cleavafe flashes; and (b) they hide my crepey and very untanned decolletage - or neck / chest area or whatever the term is.

Have tried to post a pic of the Whistles top (but has come out v small) - it is the Holly 3/4 sleeve linen top (...but I have short arms so is full length sleeve on me).

AuntOlive Fri 29-May-15 16:18:25

Remus, thanks. I am not tall by any stretch, but the WS just grazes past my rather knobbly knees. I have a long body but short legs so anything shorter always feels slightly over exposed (especially if I drop anything).

Floisme Fri 29-May-15 16:22:20

Yes that looks like the Whistles top I tried on. I really like it on the model but she must be about 7 foot tall as it was thigh length on me (not flattering).

If you like the high neck then I've a sneaky feeling the black and white dress might work - diagonal stripes can be really flattering I think. Hard to tell without seeing it on though.

It's not often I say this but please ignore Remus and keep the orange grin

AuntOlive Fri 29-May-15 16:29:39

Flo - well I do like orange - but maybe temper with Remus' advice and not wear with an orange(y) skirt. Maybe that would be OTT!

The Whistles long sleeve top was not especially long on me but then I do have a disproportionately long body with short little legs.

The worrying thing was that my little pot belly popped out just under the raised hemline at the front - and it's not exactly an asset I want to draw attention to....but but but - I like the top and am thinking 'less carbs' or even 'control briefs' but am I just kidding myself?

I always do this and I swear some of the shops have 'slimming' mirrors, but I often have doubts in the 'cold light' of home... But then again sometimes regret taking back something that was really useful just because of my pot belly (or whatever).

Thisishowyoudisappear Fri 29-May-15 16:49:27

Couldn't you wear a thin, long vest or camisole under the long sleeved top? Or perhaps wear it over one of the dresses? All your things are nice, although I agree with pps that an orange skirt with the orange t-shirt might not look great. I must say I love the Whistles t-shirt.

Judydreamsofhorses Fri 29-May-15 19:13:38

I have the long-sleeved Whistles top from last year (and always wear a vest under it) plus the navy t-shirt in grey marl and navy/white stripes - I think they are really wearable, useful items. I love the Gap stripy dress, am not fussed about the others, and agree the White Stuff stripy dress could be an awkward length. I really, really like orange but am not especially keen on that particular t-shirt.

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Fri 29-May-15 19:19:11

Keep the white stuff dress, short sleeve whistles top and navy gap dress without the drawstring.

I had a 40%off gap code and placed a huge online order. I've been good and sent 2/3 of it back as wasn't quite right. Sizing was very inconsistent as well.

I'm a 12 with a belly, 39 and 5'9

nannyplumislostinspace Sat 30-May-15 14:26:24

I'm the same size as you, but an inch shorter. I also have an ample bosom. The only things that I would keep would be the whistles tops and the white stuff dress. The gap dresses would look awful on me and I'm not keen on the orange t shirt. I really love the whistles t shirt, it looks really flattering.

Tizwailor Sat 30-May-15 17:20:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iforgottotellyou Sat 30-May-15 18:28:46

Keep it all, you've bought it now so just enjoy wearing it and don't feel guilty smile

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