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Why does my make up do this? With photo

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mothersdaughter Fri 29-May-15 13:21:08

Can any help me? My make up constantly just settles and flakes into my pores. Doesn't matter if I use high end foundation or cheaper stuff. Primer makes no difference.

Can anyone help?

Sparkletastic Fri 29-May-15 13:24:46

It's less about the make up and more about your skin routine I suspect. Your skin looks dehydrated. What products do you use and are you good about drinkinv enough fluids throughout the day?

MamaLazarou Fri 29-May-15 13:27:23

I don't think the make up is the problem. Which moisturiser are you using? What's your skincare routine like?

BumWad Fri 29-May-15 13:28:15

Your skin looks like it needs a good bit of exfoliation to smooth it out

Sparkletastic Fri 29-May-15 13:29:58

Are you dry / oily / prone to breakouts? If the latter - It's been said a gazillion times before but La Roche Posay Effaclar is the business and Vichy Aqualia serum is sooooo good for dehydrated skin.

mothersdaughter Fri 29-May-15 17:23:14

Thanks all. Yes, my skin is really dehydrated. This is what I use:

Double cleanse with Una Brennan rose oil and then Clinique take the day off balm

Vichy hydrating serum am and Estée Lauder advanced night repair pm

Embroylisse moisturiser.
I use clarins exfoliating toner 2x week.

My skin is very sensitive, and I have rosacea.

Carpaccio Fri 29-May-15 17:29:47

Which foundations have you been using? How do you apply it?

I have oily, dehydrated skin, and I find Embryolisse a bit too rich for my skin. If I wear makeup on top of it, it doesn't last as long compared to when I use a different moisturiser.

Instituteofstudies Fri 29-May-15 18:35:16

I find Clinique and Clarins moisturisers leave my skin dehydrated. I changed to Aldi Q10 anti-wrinkle serum and day and night moisturisers and its far more plumped up and my foundation goes on much nicer and looks far better. Your skin looks a bit inflammed is it? Do you think you could be a bit sensitive to the products you're using?

ChishandFips33 Fri 29-May-15 18:48:26

La Roche Posay rosacea creams may become your friend

Effaclar def helped my spot prone skin and I've just started the rosacea creams for light redness - seems to be helping

...I still avoid foundation as it always seems to look similar to yours but I'm rubbish at applying it kid myself that blusher is enough for me and avoid mirrors!

Libitina Fri 29-May-15 18:55:30

Have you tried a powder foundation? Or a make-up primer?

Shonajay Fri 29-May-15 19:16:51

I'd get a brush especially for exfoliating, and also see the doctor- your skin looks a bit like my acne rosecea did before I got it sorted. The body shop do a brush, ive got an old model clarisonic which changed my skin literally overnight, and just rosehip oil for moisturising.

50shadesofmeh Fri 29-May-15 19:24:03

i was about to say looks like you have roscaccea , nothing more to add except to say don't scrub your skin with a brush,

m0gz Fri 29-May-15 19:28:12

This is similar to the problem I was having prior to finding the amazing faces thread on here a few weeks back.

I had dry/dehydrated sensitive skin with a lot of redness as well as some lovely hormonal acne. I had avoided anything exfoliating for years as I thought this was making things worse - I was so wrong!

In the morning I use cetaphil, clearasil pads, superdrug serum, some snail gel (see Korean thread) factor 50 SPF, and then a korean bb cream. It has taken a few weeks but the results are impressive. My makeup no longer gets 'sucked' into the pores and actually lasted all day this week smile

In the evenings I double cleanse with ultrabland and cetaphil. I then either use tretinoin, glycolic peel, an overnight repair serum or snail repair gel. I didn't think my skin would cope with such a regime but it has responded really well. Oh and the other I have found is that I don't need a heavy moisturiser. I used to think my dry peeling skin needed loads of moisturiser but it did nothing, didn't absorb properly and just made me look and feel greasy. The superdrug serum is all that is needed.

I wouldn't try any kind of scrubs. No brushes and no exfoliating face washes. My skin also hates any kind of hot cloth cleansing.

pinkfrocks Fri 29-May-15 19:38:24

Have you seen a dermatologist? Seriously although you might have to wait months on the NHS, spending £150 on a private appt might be less than what you spend on a load of products that may not work. You skin looks inflamed and sore as well as dry- though at first glance I thought it was very oily and your make up was sliding off.

lucidlady Fri 29-May-15 19:41:32

I have similar skin to you (dehydrated and Rosacea). I use:

Elemis cleansing balm (am and pm)
Decleor hydra floral cream (am)
Decleor aromessence neroli serim (am)
KIehl's midnight recovery serum (pm)
Sisley black rose cream mask 2-3 times per week
Aveda exfoliating tonic 1 time per week

If you have Rosacea you need to be gentle with your skin. Your routine sounds quite harsh to me.

iWantToBeAlone Fri 29-May-15 20:01:19

I bought the aldi face oil for dry skin and their q10 anti wrinkle serum (mentioned by a pp). I used both for the first time last night and my skin feels better than it has in a very long time. I highly recommend trying as it was about £3 for each so if it doesn't work for you, you havent lost out on too much.

pinkfrocks Fri 29-May-15 20:47:21

OP If you have rosacea and it's become worse- looks a bit sore and pimply- you ought to see a dermo. Honestly. smile There is a lot of treatment out there - not just creams etc- which may help you. You could be reacting to the perfume or preservatives in any of the products you use- Clarins is full of it.

I think this is a medical matter not cosmetic.

DarkNavyBlue Fri 29-May-15 21:32:07

My rosacia cleared when I started having Jan Marini glycolic facials.

burnishedsilver Sat 30-May-15 00:09:52

Make sure you're drinking enough water too.

themightyfandango Sat 30-May-15 00:45:25

I have the same rosacea type skin as you especially the nose. I have cleared it up recently with 5 laser sessions, twice daily cleansing with micellar water and 3x weekly brushing with a clarisonic type device. I still have slight redness some days but the flaking has really cleared up - I can tell if I slack on my routine as it does reappear a bit but not like before the laser. I can also recommend Dermologica Age Perfect primer as one of the best beauty products ever, pricey but worth it. I use the primer underneath Bare Minerals loose powder foundation for the most flawless finish I've ever had (I'm 40 now and so wish I'd discovered these earlier). I use Dermologica day cream with 50spf and a moisture rich night cream and Le Roche Posay anti redness serum but I don't think the creams and serums have had as much impact as the other stuff.

Yes to drinking more water, I'm working on improving that!

VivaLeBeaver Sat 30-May-15 07:30:23

I get this. Even when the Bobbi brown woman did my foundation last week it happened. She said I need to exfoliate more as its all dead skin cells sat on the surface of my face causing it. Yuck! grin

pinkfrocks Sat 30-May-15 07:49:51

I'm not sure that the advice to exfoliate is good when someone has a medical condition with their skin.

Many dermos think that exfoliating is not so good- it can disturb the balance of the skin and make skin more sensitive. Many dermos are very much against using harsh scrubs especially. It may aggravate the rosacea.

OP a friend of mine had slight rosacea and the dermo she saw suggested various treatments which included going to a Skin Clinic.

I can't tell from your photo what exactly is going on - at first (sorry) I thought you had very oily skin and huge pores.

Would you consider seeing a dr ? I'm just saying because DD spent a fortune on creams etc for spots (mild acne) for years and when she saw a dermatologist she was immediately treated with medication that shifted it.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 30-May-15 08:00:45

Sorry, had only read the OP where she made no mention of any medical condition.

Indecisivejo Sat 30-May-15 09:09:14

I'm really sorry to say but I think you need to ditch all of those products in your skincare routine, do you particularly like any of those products?
I have mild rosacea which can flare up and anything "rose" irritates me.
Clinique balm really irritated and dehydrated my skin.
Vichy serum is fragranced, a big no no. Not sure about the Estée Lauder one?
Embryolisse is mineral oil based and can make skin more dehydrated and on my skin it causes breakouts and just doesn't suit me (my body cream has it and is fine, it's just my face)
Clarins toner I really would not recommend for your skin type it's fragranced and contains alcohol. sad

mothersdaughter Sat 30-May-15 09:18:42

Thank you all for taking the time to reply and give suggestions and advice. I really, really appreciate it.

I've been to the GP and dermatologist on and off for years, both NHS and private. Had a variety of creams and antibiotics, with no real progress made and the response has always been that really there is very little that can be done.

My skin is dehydrated, but with really big pores. My t-zone seems to have the amazing ability to be both dry and flaky but also feels reasonably oily!

I've been reading and following Caroline Hirons, around double cleansing etc. Sometimes my skin is so much better, but then I get these periods where it just looks dreadful.

The foundation I have on above is the new Bobbi Brown one btw.

I'm really scared of the idea of lasers etc, I also read reports that in some cases it can made redness far worse.

I'm really in a bit of a pickle. But, I find it so depressing to look at my skin and see it looking so awful.

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