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Hair colour aged 50 !

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ginorwine Fri 29-May-15 09:53:31

When I was a child I had white blonde hair which darkened to a honey blonde .
I dyed it at 16 with the terrible sun in !
Have had red copper hair all my adult life .
Part of me thinks yay stay red ! But part of me thinks be a little more shopisticatwd now !
I have skin that tans a pale honey , blue eyes and pepper and salt grey at roots !
I wear a lot of green and blue and am a fresh spring .
Please please advise re hair colours !!!
Going to hairdresser today !!!ps had ash blond once and looked i ll !!!

ginorwine Fri 29-May-15 09:54:57

Ps I have pale freckled skin but my skin tone seems v neutral rather than warm or cold . Veins a greeny blue but def not green .

MyFirstName Fri 29-May-15 10:21:13

I am not sure what you are proposing to do? Are you
a) currently your natural colour and thinking of dying it all a single, different colour? Or
b)currently coloured and want to change.

If a) then think very, very carefully - just spend a small time on here and you will find thread of people trying to work out how to escape the dye treadmill. The constant re-growth touch ups etc etc. Whether to suffer a badger stripe as the dye grows out of go pixie cut. Also there is the question of what it will do to the condition of your hair.

If b) then speak to the hairdresser - maybe see what they recommend. Also try and work out if your skin tone has actually changed and you need to change your colour to match you slightly older skin (sorry). I had been having warm browns for years and finally grew out my grey - the cooler grey/white mallen streak looks amazing against my skin - I look alive for the first time in years - gradually the "warm" browns had been fighting as my skin changed tone.

There are more expert people on here - but do be aware - I think it is very, very difficult to take the "warm" out of your hair - so if you did decide for example to try something ashy (though it sounds like it may not be a great idea) then the warm pigment (if from dye) stays put which gives and overall Khaki effect. Which. Is. Not. Good. <bitter experience emoticon>.

ginorwine Fri 29-May-15 10:43:09

Hi ! Am red copper now ! Full colour . My roots are 50 / 50 white / mouse brown .
If I cd have white all over Wd love it ! But ,at present its too salt and pepper for my liking and ages me by ten years if let roots show and can see near face !!!!!!

ginorwine Fri 29-May-15 10:44:49

Wanting to change colour simply to flatter my skin tone .

ginorwine Fri 29-May-15 10:50:52

My - just re read your post !
I think what may be happening is similar to you- I've been keeping my warm tone but I agree it is starting to look not quite right on me ! I love pure grey and think it as very pretty . It's v insightfull that you noted that you lost the warmth I didn't think of that and didn't know that could change !! Will discuss w hair dresser .
Maybe a neutral reddish to move away from warm .
I have strong blue eyes . Not a pale contrast but medium to skin . Dark line round iris.
So I guess I need contrast of some sort ...thanks again .

pinkfrocks Fri 29-May-15 11:15:23

If you are naturally dark blonde with some grey and you are colouring your hair red then you would need all the colour stripping out and starting again- you won't get a great result putting colour on top of colour.

My advice- and am no expert- is that you want to avoid an all over flat colour like the plague as it's very ageing and no one in their 50s has a flat colour naturally - we all have shades of light, dark and maybe a bit of grey.

You also do not want to be touching up grey roots every 6 weeks.

Skin goes paler as we age so your hair should reflect this- going too dark or too warm looks artificial.

I think you need to think less about your eye colour etc and more about your skin tone, the overall look you want (natural, dyed, in-your-face colour- whatever!) and how you dress.

It's going to be a case of letting your red colour grow out, or stripping the colour out today and putting back some colour maybe a mix of mid-brown, gold and lighter blonde highlights. Don't go for 1 colour- most people these days have 2-3 colours sliced through.

ginorwine Fri 29-May-15 12:05:04

Thanks so much !
I dress in a mixture of classic 60 s shift dresses, Capri trouser s, I have a sort of 60 s look . Short fringe and often wear a soft beehive as well as a shoulder length long layered bob !!

ginorwine Fri 29-May-15 12:07:10

Pin - I currently have to have roots done every three weeks as the copper dye and the roots which are white and mouse are a strong contrast !!! My white is v white !

burnishedsilver Fri 29-May-15 12:40:32

If you're a spring you want to stick with warm colours. Ash is cool,which is why you looked ill.

ginorwine Fri 29-May-15 12:46:14

Burn Ioikex like rod Stewart !!!
What two or three colours wd you suggest ??? Thanks ,.

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