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Shoes for those with size 8+ feet

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RecoveringPerfectionist Fri 29-May-15 09:19:11

Following the other thread I thought it may be helpful for those of us with larger feet to share where we buy shoes. I have these (I have never been able to get links to work so apologies for that):-

Next - up to a 9 but not stocked in stores
Hush Puppies
Evans - cheap
Long Tall Sally
Gabor - good quality, mid price - expensive - expensive and often frumpy

I thought After 8 (Kingston and Bath) had closed down but actually I see they are up and running again -

There were 3 or 4 stores in Chiltern Street, London selling large sizes. Not sure if they are still there.

I'd be interested to hear of any more retailers!

specialsubject Fri 29-May-15 10:59:15

shoezone occasionally do size 8s that actually are size 8, but you need to try on.

almost impossible to find anything with a wearable heel, as the fugly high look now seems compulsory. So if you do find a shoe that is actually fit for purpose, stock up.

trainers and walking boots come from men's ranges; better quality and cheaper anyway.

slug Fri 29-May-15 11:15:17

Duo go up to a size 9, with the advantage of wide fittings.

United Nude do some of their styles to a 42. Not cheap but very unusual

Ruby Shoo go up to a size 9. These are also quite good for the broad of hoof (like myself)

WiIdfire Fri 29-May-15 11:18:32

The shops on Chiltern Street were all there a couple of months ago and definitely worth a visit if you are in London.

Skeppers Fri 29-May-15 11:22:05

I tend to buy ballet pumps/casual flats from New Look because they're cheap and go up to a size 9 (which I am) in some styles. Good for every day stomping.

Also, most ladies' Converse come in a size 9.

RecoveringPerfectionist Fri 29-May-15 11:34:40

I was a 9 until pg. Now I'm a 10 but can sometimes fit a 9. I'm also losing weight and my shoes fit better lol. I think I'm actually a 9.5. Just to make it even harder.

jingscrivvens Fri 29-May-15 12:55:31

I love LK Bennett for classics and TOMs for casual, both up to a 9 TOMs might be up to a 10. Merrell go up to a ladies 9 too, but I hardly ever find anything I like in my size in them

0x530x610x750x630x79 Fri 29-May-15 12:57:48

as a size 10/11 apart from lts and tall girls any of the others any good? (evans are too sloppy and my feet fall out)

winkywinkola Fri 29-May-15 12:59:34

Next 9's are not really a size 9.

Itscurtainsforyou Fri 29-May-15 12:59:55 also do bigger sizes IME smile

Debs75 Fri 29-May-15 13:09:08

I'm an 8 but have got into some 7's. I shop almost everywhere for shoes without much bother. Evans are great for bigger sizes, especially if you are slightly wider than the norm.
Most high street cheaper stores vary like clothes sizes do so I'm never guaranteed a good fit.

RecoveringPerfectionist Fri 29-May-15 18:00:33

0x530 Katie Long Shoes and After 8 both go up to an 11. I've bought shoes from both. They're not cheap but they are good quality.

defineme Fri 29-May-15 19:29:03

I am a 8 or 81/2 in most shoes, but can't seem to get ballet flats to fit. Ordinary shoes hit the top of my big toe or just too tight all over, wide shoes fall off. Other than unisex shoes like converse doing half sizes in the larger sizes and M&S online doing 8 1/2s or 9s often in the outlet section very cheap, i have no tips.

Stinkersmum Fri 29-May-15 19:36:18

Brantano hold a small selection of size 9 & 10s. Quite hit and miss but worth a look if you're passing one.

Paperblank Fri 29-May-15 19:47:21

Primark had some size 9 ballet flats in last weekend. I've not bought shoes from Primark other than flip flops so no idea how they measure up fit or quality wise.

I am a 7/8 depending on width and I've been lucky with Next lately. They seem to suit my shape of foot and they're comfy enough to wear on my daily hike to work.

I find shoe buying traumatic which is not good as I am definitely in the Imelda Marcos camp. I can't abide breaking shoes in!

Dismalfuckers Fri 29-May-15 19:50:12

shoeaholics is your friend grin

RecoveringPerfectionist Fri 29-May-15 21:12:27

Argh! Do I really need another pair of boots?!

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