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Hip length cardigans in nice/soft knit

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Bumblebzz Fri 29-May-15 07:50:47

Just that really, don't want cropped or longline or waterfall. Ideally in light colours, and quality knit so suitable for work.

Kahlua4me Fri 29-May-15 07:56:27

I have just bought a lovely one from Sainsburys. It is white and very simple. Looks fab on.

Also, try M and S.

FreiasBathtub Fri 29-May-15 08:29:11

Uniqlo have some lovely merino ones on offer at the moment - machine washable and incredibly soft. Fall really nicely.

Bumblebzz Fri 29-May-15 09:41:42

Thank you both!

TheSpottedZebra Fri 29-May-15 09:45:54

Woolovers is worth a look too. The styling is awful, and some of the clothes come up quite big (but accurate measurements are given), but they have every type of woolly it seems and I like their quality.

Sammasati Fri 29-May-15 09:48:40

I second woolovers, lovely natural fibers, wash well, and many different styles.

Misslgl88 Fri 29-May-15 14:18:07

Oasis have some lovely ones in some gorgeous colours

HaveYouSeenHerLately Fri 29-May-15 14:23:44

Agree with Kahlua, I've just bought a white and a black cotton-rich one from Sainsburys smile They're £10 and have unusual buttons. Very soft! Wish they had more colours.

Also have a navy one from M&S Collection. It's called Stay New Viscose Stretch and promises not to go bobbly (I shall keep the tag!). It's super soft.

HaveYouSeenHerLately Fri 29-May-15 14:33:40

It's called bobble button cardigan on the m&s website. The buttonholes are a bit fiddly but I always wear mine open over a top so it's not really a problem wink

I bought the ink one with a 20% off code. Not such a fan of the other colours but hoping they bring out some muted shades in the AW.

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