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The jacket of the season?

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keeponkeepinon Thu 28-May-15 19:26:03

I really love the bold blue and white striped blazers out at the moment and have been considering getting one for a bit, only to find that all the reasonably priced ones have now sold out sad
I don't want to spend a lot on one of these as I may hate it by this time next year but any ideas as to a smart ish jacket to get through the season, that could be worn over dresses or jeans ie dress up or down? I need something quite tailored for it to look nice on me so not sure about the waterfall types.
I know I could just go for the trusty black blazer but it seems a bit boring...
There are some nice linen black blazers about but linen creases like mad so that has got its own problems, though it would be more summery.

Anyone any ideas please?

KanyesVest Thu 28-May-15 19:29:15

I'm searching for exactly the same thing! I don't want black or navy (so it will go with both) and I can't carry off stripes or a pattern, so it's going to have to be colour for me. I just saw a couple of nice ones on Vera Moda that I'll look for again and link to.

keeponkeepinon Thu 28-May-15 19:36:18

I like the coloured ones but I want it to be neutral to go with anything. The striped ones pretty much go with most plain colour block items really. I just didn't want to get the usual thing.

On the other hand, if all the stripey blazers have sold out, it means every next person will be wearing one! So much for wanting something a bit different!

Talisin Thu 28-May-15 19:42:01

Cape blazers seen to be a thing right now, Zara has a really nice one in white at the mo. Nasty Gal (US but cheaper than Zara) has them as well there's also a white version but Navy has sold out.

KanyesVest Thu 28-May-15 19:48:05

Blue biker style
mint green blazer
green cropped jacket

KanyesVest Thu 28-May-15 19:50:26

Sorry, missed your update before I posted those Talsin, not sure if any of them are any good!

keeponkeepinon Thu 28-May-15 20:46:19

Thanks Talisin - The cape thing wouldn't work for me though - I'm just not with it enough!

Kanyesvest - I like the vero moda biker style - do you could you get away with that over a dress though like on a night out or to a do?
I quite like this though its back to the black blazer:
asos black linen

TSSDNCOP Thu 28-May-15 20:49:31

Faced with the same dilemma I chanced upon this which is truly lovely.

KanyesVest Thu 28-May-15 20:54:17

God, I'm so tired I even got your name wrong Keepon! Apologies to you both blush

I think it'd be ok left open. I've just spotted this one suede-type which is a bit more dressy, but looks like it'd still be good with jeans.

keeponkeepinon Thu 28-May-15 20:55:51

That is nice TSSDNCOP, bit higher price than I was intending though...I'm looking for a bargain if I'm honest. Lovely for summer.

KanyesVest Thu 28-May-15 21:07:09

This is the one I've been drooling over for a while, but I can't get it in a store near me (not in UK) and I can't bear the thought of dealing with HoF customer service if it doesn't fit.

frankietwospots Thu 28-May-15 22:15:40

Ooo yes, I agree with TSSDNCOP - that Whistles jacket is lovely. I tried the blue one on (it's not navy so I don't know why they call it that, it's more denim blue) and it's gorgeous:

TSSDNCOP Thu 28-May-15 22:35:11

Yes frankie I saw that too. More like a denim tweed. You could wear with blue jeans without going DD.

OP, remember the Return on Wear equation. If you will wear so frequently item pays for itself it's a keeper wink

See also all shoes in current Dune 20% promo.

keeponkeepinon Thu 28-May-15 22:40:22

Love that yumi one kanyesvest.

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