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Poor show to wear this to a wedding?

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PrivatePike Thu 28-May-15 15:05:38

Would it be? To a summer wedding? I don't seem to know any of the rules. shock

From Self-Portrait

burnishedsilver Thu 28-May-15 15:07:07

Does it come in any other colour?

MrsBungle Thu 28-May-15 15:08:04


StrangeGlue Thu 28-May-15 15:08:15

Depends on the wedding. If it's v traditional wearing something with so many see through bits might raise eye brows but for something more informal/modern it might be fine. I'd chose one which isn't white though.

PattiODoors Thu 28-May-15 15:11:26

I would cats-bum sorry

WanderingTrolley1 Thu 28-May-15 15:13:22

Poor show, indeed.

IssyStark Thu 28-May-15 15:13:56

Depends on the wedding (how formal it is, is the bride wearing white/cream or something else?) and also on how you were going to accessorise it.

polyhymnia Thu 28-May-15 15:20:25

Also think would make bad impression because white and see-through.

MrsCampbellBlack Thu 28-May-15 15:22:19

It is very pretty but too bridal party I think.

BitOfFun Thu 28-May-15 15:24:54

It's a bit trashy-looking, in my opinion, because of the see-through aspect. There's a shop near me that sells this kind of stuff, and it's so full of polyester I'd be amazed if they can get fire insurance.

scarletforya Thu 28-May-15 15:25:48

Of course! Rules are simple, no white/ivory!

SkodaLabia Thu 28-May-15 15:27:00

I wouldn't care about the colour but it's see through!

PrivatePike Thu 28-May-15 15:27:24

It's a wedding in the South of France in the middle of July, by way of a little context.

flightywoman Thu 28-May-15 15:31:21

I think the see-throughness and being white take it out of contention for a wedding...

EducateTogetheralumnus Thu 28-May-15 15:32:41

I would think it odd if you showed up in that. Sorry.

PrivatePike Thu 28-May-15 15:33:04

Ahh, it's not that see-through smile

PattiODoors Thu 28-May-15 15:37:58

Ah well if it's an ooh la la Frenchie wedding ye'll be grand.

Dixiebell Thu 28-May-15 15:38:09

I love it, where's it from?! I think it's perfect for a mediterranean wedding, but I know some people are a bit funny about wearing white. Another colour would be great though.

Dixiebell Thu 28-May-15 15:39:36

Sorry seen the link now...definitely get one of their other dresses though!

MrsCampbellBlack Thu 28-May-15 15:48:43

Oh I don't think it is trashy at all - I love self-portrait stuff. Selfridges pre-sale started today - they normally have a good range of self-portrait and I've seen a lot of red ones which are lovely.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Thu 28-May-15 15:51:10

It wouldn't have bothered me if someone wore it to my wedding but I know it bothers most people!

PrivatePike Thu 28-May-15 15:51:12

I just really wanted the summery, white, tennis player vibe blush

PrivatePike Thu 28-May-15 15:53:20

Yes, it's self-portrait! I have wanted one of their dresses for ages.

HermioneWeasley Thu 28-May-15 15:54:32

WTF is a tennis player vibe?

PrivatePike Thu 28-May-15 15:55:38

Ohh, you know

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