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Postpartum shocking wardrobe. Skint & time poor. I need help!

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WittgensteinsBunny Thu 28-May-15 14:48:17

I used to be slim, glam and what I would like to consider well put together in a sort of rough round the edges, Brighton trendy type.

And then two babies appeared. And then we moved to the countryside. And then I didn't have a job because of the two babies. And now my wardrobe revolves around 4 hideous breastfeeding dresses, 2 pairs of ill fitting asos skinny jeans, 2 long cardis, 4 pairs of black maternity leggings, several h&m breastfeeding vests, a quite nice oasis jumper (now smeared in paint, tomato purée and baby sick) an old, old, old baggy whistles Jersey top, 6 ill fitting nursing bras, 10 pairs of maternity knickers and a pair of new balance trainers.

I really need help but don't even know where to start. Dd1 is 2, dd2 is 8 weeks old. Shopping will have to be done online. Budget is £100-£150. Comfort is important as I spend my life at groups, at soft play, in the park.

My size 14 asos jeans are too big but fit over my post pregnancy jelly belly. I bought some m&s jeggings in a size 12, which don't do up just yet but I'm getting closer to wearing them. My boobs are massive (about 34F from a recent measuremt) and milk laden, prone to leaking. My top doesn't look like it matches the middle and I have good legs and slim arms.

If you're still following, you're doing well!

Can anyone help me? I feel like utter crap and just want to look vaguely like my old self. I know I won't until I've lost the weight and I know dd2 is still tiny but I just want a little boost.

Queenofknickers Thu 28-May-15 15:00:30

Get thee to Primark. Get a few plain stretchy basics and then LOADS of scarves. Look on eBay also at your old fave brands - often get some real bargains and can be done while bfing! Remember, this too shall pass and well done to you for taking care of your needs too x

WittgensteinsBunny Thu 28-May-15 18:04:10

Thanks Queenofknickers (I LOVE your name btw!) That's a really good idea. How do you tie your scarves? I have a couple of nice scarves and tried to wear them recently but don't think I pulled it off really very well!

Coastingit Thu 28-May-15 18:16:05

M and S jeggings are a great start!

What did you like wearing in your old pre kids life at weekends?

It sounds like only a few really good items would kick start you back into feeling more stylish and yourself again. But what those items are depend wholly on your taste. For me it would be two pairs of M and S jeggings I love them some nice sandals from a quality shop so they last all summer long, a couple of plain floaty cotton tops in colours that suit you, a stripey top maybe a Boden Breton, one good quality scarf either in a colour that is really great for you or a neutral pattern like stripes or leopard print or snakeprint that you can fling on with anything. Then a lambswool or merino wool jumper in grey or navy and another in a bright coral or whatever suits you. A few tees from Uniqlo and you're done.

Ah fantasy shopping grin that was for me though, your list might be totally different! But the key is probably a capsule type wardrobe that you can bung on in the mornings without worrying about 'outfits'. Good enough quality that it will wash and last, but not stuff that requires ironing or special care.

How's your hair / beauty? Nothing like highlights or a gel pedi to perk you up.

FoamyOne Thu 28-May-15 20:20:33

You could be me. Almost all of it, even the moving to the countryside part.

I'm just coming out of the postpartum phase just now (DC3 is 5 months). I have really been going at the dieting hammer and tongs this time and from past experience it doesn't "just happen" for me. 5:2 (adapted for breastfeeding) has been amazing.

Because my legs are still slim I have been living in skinny jeans / jeggings - I bought some In New Look in size 14, then 12, and now I'm just about ok with pre-this-baby (post 2 others!!) 10s. On my top half I wear an H&M long vest (but not a breastfeeding one, the sort with thicker shoulder straps - I just pull it down to feed) and a Uniqlo boxy t-shirt over the top of that, with a Uniqlo cardy if needed. Converse, Superga, Toms or (optimistically!) flip flops on feet. I have some nice sparkly Superga for when I want to dress up grin.

It's a bit samey, but it works as a uniform for me, and I think I look ok actually, I feel quite good about myself just now even though my weight loss journey is ongoing. Sometimes I put on big dangly earrings if I want to jazz things up a bit and then I have to take them off again before my toddler yanks them out. I really like the idea of scarves, but in reality they don't tend to look that great on me - I think it's my massive breastfeeding boobs that make them look more matronly than on trend.

And I agree about hair - I get mine trimmed fairly regularly and it does help me feel less like I've just given up.

WittgensteinsBunny Thu 28-May-15 22:15:18

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I do get my hair done regularly with fringe trims in-between. My one last vestige of groomed civilisation!

Before children I shopped in Whistles, Aubin & Wills (so sad they're gone), Benetton (mostly work stuff), Urban Outfitters, little Brighton boutiques, French Connection, Oasis, People Tree, wore converse or flip flops or Kurt Geiger or Aldo sandals.

Love the idea of the capsule wardrobe. I've been looking at Hush recently. I'd happily buy everything on their website. I've never bought from Boden: what is their sizing like? Are the M&S jeggings quite true sizing? Should I just get a pair of 14s so that I at least have 1 nice pair of jeans? Where are these nice floaty tops of which you speak?

I desperately need a mani and pedi. My hair is brown with a very subtle ombre toward the end and is fine with a big chunky fringe. I wear simple diamond studs, wedding and engagement rings and a big, over sized watch with brown leather strap.

You've all given me lots of food for thought smile Thanks for the replies.

WittgensteinsBunny Thu 28-May-15 22:21:50

Foamyone - the uniform idea is great and very me too. Well done on breastfeeding and dieting, that's very impressive! I have to eat so much and I'm still feeding the toddler so I try and tell myself it's all being burned off, what with that and lugging the double buggy around!

Maraki Thu 28-May-15 22:25:50

If you are near a Primark, I can really recommend their straight cut jeans. They are cheap (£10 so you can buy a smaller size as you lose weight), generous around the tummy and super stretchy, skinny on the legs but straight on the ankle. I'm top heavy with slim legs and skinny jeans and m&s jeggings making me look like a parsnip.
Also, fabulous flat glitsy sandals in primark for less than a tenner.
Look out for long, bum covering tshirts and tops.
Scarves are a godsend, loads on ebay for £3-5.
If you make an effort with makeup hair and nails you will feel put together and so much better.
Good luck xxx

EuphemiaCoxton Fri 29-May-15 08:28:05

I too am an ex Brighton person.
I was remembering snoopers paradise and to be worn again yesterday. My favourites.
I can recommend peacocks for basics. They're not as good as H&M but slightly better than some Primark. I was woefully unimpressed with primark a few weeks ago, it was all day glo stuff and they don't make shoes in my size anymore.
I also buy a load of secondhand stuff off eBay. Most of the time they don't go up by more than a couple of quid.
When I was breastfeeding I just wore shapeless but interesting baggy tops from urban outfitters. I wish I'd thought of the scarf thing

GeorginaWorsley Fri 29-May-15 08:45:04

I'm 9 years post partumgrin
But rremember the feeling !
I'm not a fan of Primark tbh although I do like their stretchy vests, but the Tees seem very thin this year.
Also obviously Primark not online so if you can only do online I'd suggest Uniqlo for basic tees and knitwear, marks for jeans or yes their jeggings are good.
I've had a couple of Zara type jackets from H &M and also eBay that are great for jazzing up the jeans and tee look too.
Hush stuff is nice and well styled but you could adapt the look with cheaper pieces I am sure.
I agree a couple of scarves would be an asset to your wardrobe especially breastfeeding feeding wise!

missmoon Fri 29-May-15 09:57:25

This was me a year ago! I feel your pain... I spent a lot of time looking a post-pregnancy wardrobe ideas on Pinterest etc. In the end, I bought: some nice cotton trousers with elasticated waist (JCrew on sale), a navy blue jersey skirt with elasticated waist (Gap), a couple of nice vest tops/t-shirts for layering (JCrew on sale), a shirt dress (unbutton to breastfeed) and a boxy top (both from Cos). I nearly bought from Hush too, but ran out of budget! JCrew is pricey but they do have coupons / sales quite often, especially for the basics. I was breastfeeding too and at some point decided to ditch the breastfeeding clothes and just wear a vest/top (and pull up/down as required). Also, look at Hotmilk for great looking breastfeeding bras. I did the Mutu system exercises (a few free on their website), which helped with post-pregnancy belly and made me feel good about myself. Hope this helps!

nannyplumislostinspace Fri 29-May-15 18:51:16

This was me last summer! Small baby, same size! I know MNetters look down on maxi dresses, but I bought two really lovely jersey ones from boden, one black and one green and wore them with pretty sandals. They made me feel feminine and pretty until I had lost a bit of the mum tum and could get back into my skinny jeans.

Alternatively a pretty maxi skirt and sandals that you could wear with your nursing vests and a jacket would be great!

WittgensteinsBunny Tue 02-Jun-15 12:41:51

New capsule wardrobe ordered!

2 x jeggings from M&S (raspberry and pale blue)
2 x boxy tees from Uniqlo (white and pale pink)
1 x linen vest from Uniqlo (navy)
1 x cashmere / cotton sweater (pale grey and white)
1 x pocket Mac in Black
A packet of new knickers

All for under £100!

I've dug out some more things at home including a stripey cream and navy 3/4 Zara tee and a couple of whistles scarves that I'm trying to learn to tie

Just waiting for my parcels to arrive! Thanks all ☺️

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