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Day/Night Cream for woman with moderate rosacea/sensitive skin

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phoenixrose314 Thu 28-May-15 13:27:13


I am tired of every cream I try making my skin worse rather than better. I need a gentle, nourishing cream that will make my face smooth and less flake/bumpy. I have moderate rosacea on my cheeks and forehead, it looks a little like adult acne on my worst days but some days just looks like I'm flushed. I need advice on choosing a good day and night cream for difficult skin, ones that work well with foundation going over the top (my skin is way too red to go bare).

Please help, my skin is affecting my confidence and self-esteem now and I just feel like I need to be doing something about it.

Skinspecialist88 Fri 29-May-15 00:09:19

Rosacea skin can be super sensitive and lots of people find that creams sting or upset them. I like Toleriane cleanser by La Roche Posay and advise avoiding any type of bar soap or liquid soap and toners. Anti-ageing creams are often irritating too. If your rosace is red and bumpy then you might be helped by prescribed treatment like Rozex cream or even a course of antibiotics for a few months. Take care not to use heavy oily products as these can block the pores and cause more spots.

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