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The impossible task of buying girls black leggings

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Orangeanddemons Thu 28-May-15 12:49:00

They don't exist it appears. Full length age 13.

M&S not in stock
Next 10 weeks delay
Gap nope
Peacocks nope
Asda nope
H&m too thin and pants show through
I've lost the will to live nowconfused

DrankSangriaInThePark Thu 28-May-15 13:37:40

Wouldn't short adults be Ok? DD is 11 and I don't bother with kids clothes much anymore. She has loads of cheapo Primark ones which are thin and pant-showing, but she wears long tops. M and S indigo range are the best IMO.

Bonsoir Thu 28-May-15 13:39:01

Boden leggings are nice and thick.

chocolateyay Thu 28-May-15 13:42:25


Olivo Thu 28-May-15 13:45:27

Tesco older girls? Dorothy Perkins? I am about the height of a 13yo, got next basic range ones, but Tesco for my daughter.

YesThisIsMe Thu 28-May-15 13:49:46

I was going to say Uniqlo but they don't seem to have that size in stock atm. Ladies size 6 cropped? Market?

Looseleaf Thu 28-May-15 13:51:29

I just bought DD navy ones from Next- not much help!

issynoho Thu 28-May-15 13:56:20


JustAPawn Thu 28-May-15 13:57:53

Try Petite TopShop size 6 maybe?

onepieceoflollipop Thu 28-May-15 14:00:00

Is she tall? I got Next age 11 and age 12 years from the shop (I was about to turn away as only smaller sizes on display but very helpful assistant asked what I wanted and they had them out the back). Nice and thick, good quality, £5.50.

Or h&m always seems to have loads, 3 for 2. Also try New Look very small adult sizes.

onepieceoflollipop Thu 28-May-15 14:01:06

Sorry just saw comment re H&M

Worriedaboutwee Thu 28-May-15 14:01:30

New look do teens clothes

onepieceoflollipop Thu 28-May-15 14:02:01

Sainsburys may be worth a try.

mimiasovitch Thu 28-May-15 14:37:34

Zara leggings are good.

MadisonMontgomery Thu 28-May-15 15:37:12

Johnnie B by Boden are really nice quality & thick.

TheAwfulDaughter Thu 28-May-15 15:46:05

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Baddz Thu 28-May-15 15:47:56


Baddz Thu 28-May-15 15:48:22

Sorry just seen delay!
John Lewis?

Isthatwhatdemonsdo Thu 28-May-15 16:27:36


ChippyMinton Thu 28-May-15 18:11:52

New Look 9-15 teen range

MerryKat Thu 28-May-15 19:33:09

Sainsburys usually have decent leggings for girls. Or adults size 4 or 6 might be worth a try?

Binxboosandme Thu 28-May-15 19:38:45

Florence and fred? M&co?

RainbowCake Thu 28-May-15 19:45:08

Have you tried Select? They do a selection of sizes and lengths.

AuntieStella Thu 28-May-15 19:47:09

Uniqlo S and XS (in the styles that go that small) should fit a 13yo.

tethersend Thu 28-May-15 20:09:00

River Island in a range of lengths.

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