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Can we do a thread about your make-up tips that really work?

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Shonajay Wed 27-May-15 23:18:59

I've been a bit make up daft recently and reading a lot of blogs, and trying out some of the tips. Some are crap but some are really handy. Anyway, mine are, especially for me, exfoliate every couple of days (I have an old cheap model clarisonic but a flannel works just as well apparently.

A tiny bit of highlighter (I used a swirly pink/white powder one) dabbed on your Cupid's bow will make your lips appear fuller, but don't over do it lol. The same effect can be had by using a white eyeliner and blending out apparently.

White eyeliner is too harsh for inside the eye, Rimmel do a flesh toned one and it's brilliant and really long lasting.

Search google for dupes of your favourite lipstick for instance, type in colour swatch images if you can't get to a shop, that can help choose colours- I'm really pale, and I found a pictur of the foundation I wanted switched on a really pale girl and it was a perfect match.

Oldie but goodie-sweep a white setting powder under your eyes before doing dark make up, and before doing foundation, then just brush it away to catch fall out.

I also use a powder highlighter at the top of my cheekbones it makes you look younger and fresher.

And don't but MAC fix plus- it's a rip off. I bought W7 fixing spray for £3 off ebay and it definitely extended the life of my make up.

Avon gel liners are fantastic as they stay on for ages, but they're really soft, so put them in the fridge before sharpening.

Anyone else?

starodyssey2015 Wed 27-May-15 23:27:11

When you put a lipstick on, blot it with loo roll and put another lair on. Longer lasting. If your lipstick is too shiny put a little powder over it to make it matt (my fave). Get some green concealer over red spots then go over with foundation to make your skin look even coloured.

Sorry if these are well known smile

moanybollocks Thu 28-May-15 00:23:26

Use eyelash curlers on bare lashes and then again on almost dry lashes

As a bit of an eyelash treat, smear them with Vaseline and curl vigorously. Wake up with lovely lashes!

Off to find YouTube video for my final one...

moanybollocks Thu 28-May-15 00:26:06

Winged eyeliner for hooded lids. Was revelatory! A how to:

HelenF350 Thu 28-May-15 02:40:13

I rub a finger in white eyeshadow and dab on the inner corner of my eyes and blend a little to soften. Brightens your eyes very subtly. I find it looks better than white eyeliner.

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