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Old habits die hard

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cjt110 Wed 27-May-15 15:37:01

I went out and bought a load of lovely new bits for my wardrobe... jeans, tshirts, blouses etc. Is it just me or do we go back to the same boring old clothes that are comfy? How do you get yourself OUT of that habit. I have a whol wardrobe of stuff and dont wear half of it but also dont want to get rid just in case Most says I am at work all day and get in, get changed into jeans and a tshirt then pjs later on.

KatyS36 Wed 27-May-15 15:47:24

With the exception of a few real needs, or if I accidentally spot something that is a bit different and absolutely perfect, I am on a shopping ban for a year.
With saved money I will be having a personal shopping appointment at John Lewis for a style overhaul. smile

frankietwospots Wed 27-May-15 15:47:57

I never revert to just boring old clothes that are comfy. Reading style blogs and using Pinterest has transformed the way I shop. I make better decisions, I know what suits me, and when I find something I like, I buy in triplicate. I'm lucky that I can wear what I like for work (usually a dress or a nice top with cropped trousers and heels) and I admit that I do have a sort of 'formula' for weekend dressing but I'm never bored with my clothes.

What were the lovely new bits you bought?

frankietwospots Wed 27-May-15 15:54:38

A shopping ban for a year? Wow. I'm in awe.

cjt110 Wed 27-May-15 16:40:21

frankie I bought some bootcut jeans, some boyfriend style ones, a few chiffon long sleeve blouses, some chiffon vest top/camisoles. I went through and got rid of a whole bin bag of stuff when I bought these things but still revert back to the same tshirts for at home etc. I wish I could just bin 90% of it all and splurge on a whole new wardrobe!

cjt110 Wed 27-May-15 16:41:02

oh, and to add, Im not all that stylish.... to put on nail varnish is a treat lol

frankietwospots Wed 27-May-15 16:51:23

So maybe one idea might be to upgrade your t-shirts to make you feel a bit nicer when you are wearing them? I tend to go for this kind of thing which feels a bit nicer:

Then I add a necklace to make the look a bit more 'luxe' - I have this one:

Stick on your boyfriend jeans and maybe some tan sandals and you are good to go!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 27-May-15 16:52:02

Over the weekend, I took all the 'warmer' clothes like thicker leggings and cardigans out of my wardrobe to free up space. I didn't want to put them in the loft with my winter clothes so they're on a rail in the junk room while I decide (I might need them again if the weather goes pants)

Then everything left hung up in colour co-ordination (light -dark).
I found things I'd bought and hung up for summer (yes!).
And I put a load of stuff in the recycle bag, y'know the scabby looking tops that keep resurfacing....blush

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