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Style Profile at JohnLewis - told I am a "summer" and need help

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Bumblebzz Mon 25-May-15 21:49:23

I did the StyleProfile plus Experience at JL this week - whereby they measure your proportions and do your colours and then bring lots of things for you to try on.
I brought home lots of things, but not sure I will keep them all(at least one or two will go back), as there are still some big gaping holes in my wardrobe. I went in looking for a basic capsule wardrobe but I'm not sure I could find something to wear yet if I needed to go out tonight, still need jackets/cardies, shoes etc) despite having spent £100s...
Anyway, the big shocker is being told I am a "summer" and suit cool, light colours, the total opposite of what I usually buy.
So are there any resources online (or current MN threads with links to items in shops right now) to help me build up some basic/essential wardrobe items to suit my (new) colour scheme?
The advice on proportions made a lot of sense and I kind of already follow the advice anyway.

NowhereNow Tue 26-May-15 00:36:45

There were threads for all the seasons, but I'm not sure if they are all still active. I'm a winter & the winter thread is fairly busy.

Here's the summer one - not sure if there was a follow up one:

What was the JL day like? I picked up a leaflet about it, but ended up having a colour analysis with House of Colour instead. I'd really like to do a style day eventually.

Were you convinced that the summer colours suited you? Here's a picture of the colour wheel that House of Colour use:

And to get an idea of shades you could look at the Kettlewell summer page:

Although they have a lot of crossover colours that appear in 2, 3 or all 4 palettes, so looking at the summer only colours might be best.

Have fun choosing your new wardrobe!

Bumblebzz Tue 26-May-15 23:19:01

Thanks NowhereNow - those links are very useful.

The JL day (well it was more like 3 hours) was good overall. I think I got the most out of the colour analysis so in retrospect the HOC type thing would probably have been very good for me too. However it was nice sitting in a private room having items brought to me to try on. I think if I was going to a particular event (e.g. a wedding) it would be brilliant as they can also help with accessories etc. The advice about proportions was also eminently sensible and I think it will stay with me.
As mentioned in my OP, I really went in hoping to come out with a capsule wardrobe, but that didn't really happen, I came home with several items but I still needed some key things to bring an outfit together - especially given the drastic change in colours!
Regarding the colour diagnosis, the colours could not be further from what I normally go for, so it was quite a shock but I must admit when the drapes went on it was like she was performing a magic trick - my skin/pallor really did look somehow calmer with the supposedly "right" colours. I now realise I have a wardrobe full of dark stuff which I am not suited to!
Of my purchases I will definitely return some items to JL - some of the pieces just weren't me when I got home and tried everything on again - I felt quite under pressure (from the JL stylist) to buy which is definitely a negative point. Like I said, I also ended up with loads of say, tops but nothing to wear over them were I to be going out this week. However I was inspired today to buy a few new things (in my new colours) in a local boutique and it was more fun and liberating than any clothes shopping I've done in years. Bypassing all the dark/bright/deep colours I always end up with, and experimenting with the new hues was actually fun (and these days I usually detest shopping). I also walked out with clothes that fit with each other and I can see how the mix and match really does work if you stick to a certain colour palette.

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