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Haven't been abroad for 8 years since having dc - what to take & how much?

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Jemster Mon 25-May-15 16:49:05

We're going to Majorca for a week in June. We haven't been abroad for 8 years & first time abroad with dc who are 7 & 3. I'm unsure how much to take clotheswise for them. As it's not been very warm here yet they've hardly got any summer clothes so I need to buy pretty much everything we'll need to take.
Also need to buy for myself as my summer clothes are all a bit tight!
I don't want to overdo it as it's only a week after all & may rain the rest of the summer here!
Any tips please?

Glitteryfrog Mon 25-May-15 17:12:18

I was in Barcelona for 5 days.
I took
2 dresses, I wore one
2 pairs of cropped trouser (wore them for two days each)
5 teeshirts
Bikini - didn't wear
Pair of shorts - didn't Wear
A hoodie
Wore my leather jacket and jeans on the plane.
Enough underwear
My lotta cloggs and brogues (didn't wear the cloggs)

Tips: be realistic, are you actually going to change for dinner every night? You don't need six evening outfits if you won't.
How much time will you spend at the beach/pool/not in real clothes?
Look at your pile of clothes and don't take a third of them, you won't wear them.
If you have a crisis there will be shops to buy clothes from!

herethereandeverywhere Mon 25-May-15 21:38:58

ok, we do Majorca a lot and have done it every year with kids. So:

* Those sunsuits/swimming costume things - get 2 outfits each for the kids - one for wearing whilst the other is drying. They basically wear these all day every day if you're basing yourself at the pool and/or beach. Supermarkets do them the cheapest or check out TK Maxx you should get them for £10 - and don't forget a hat each - the legionnaires ones (baseball cap and flap behind) are best. Plus factor 50.
* I aim for them to wear their evening outfits 2 or 3 times each- simple shorts and tshirts or a dress if girls plus they can also be worn in the day if you're doing a town visit.
* crocs for the beach/pool plus sandals for the evening/town. Socks to go under sandals if they're prone to blisters
For me I take 2 bikinis so I can wash/wear
2 pairs of shorts that don't show the dirt and a couple of cover up dress/tunic/big tshirt things for the days.

I'll take 3-4 outfits for the evening and re-use over 7 days.

2 pairs of birkenstocks (day/night) and maybe fancy wedges if we're getting a night out without kids.

enough underwear for 2 weeks (day set and night set)

Hair gets really fluffy/wavy and blowdrying is tooooo hot! Straighteners will have limited success so try to go with the wavy beach babe look.

Other good stuff:
- blister plasters and that compeed grease stick to prevent them
- sunglasses
- camera.
- suncream (v.pricey out there)

Go to Pollenca old town if you can. It's beautiful. Market on Sundays is a great experience but it's nicer on quieter days.

HappyGirlNow Mon 25-May-15 22:13:27

Oh here I love Pollenca old town grin - the gzillion steps up to the church at the top of the hill, not so much!

We've stayed in Cala San Vicente a few times, beautiful area..

Sorry, just piped up to say that!

Jemster Mon 25-May-15 22:17:48

Thank you both for your really helpful replies. I've got a better idea now of how much to take & as you say, can always buy stuff out there if needed. I have been looking for the hats with the neck bit for my son who is 7 but can't seem to find any that go up to that age.

CeeceeBloomingdale Mon 25-May-15 23:21:55

I've just bought legionnaire hats made of swimming costume material for my two from an eBay shop and got the big one 7-10 yrs. seller is ozjane and the brand is Ozcoz. I have girls so pack loads of H&M cotton Jersey dresses for them. They are £2.99 so very cheap. They get worn as a nighttime outfit then the next day to the beach so 14 nights I'll take 14 dresses to cover all outfits.

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