DP menswear style suggestions

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pandarific Sun 24-May-15 22:13:29

DP is in a style rut, and needs some help. He's 29, and likes a casual look with a bit of a fun quirk or design - for example he loves threadless t-shirts for the fab designs and Jack and Jones, though will go for classic if it's with an edge.

He finds a lot of the 'cool' high street shops like Topman etc just have clothes for slim body types, and he's broad shouldered and a bit tubby (we both are, working on it). Anyone have any suggestions?

greygreybeige Sun 24-May-15 23:34:14

Are you anywhere near London? Carnaby Street has some fantastic shops for men although I can't tell you the names of them as many are lesser known or pop-ups.


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