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holiday hair nightmare!

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iloveoz Sun 24-May-15 21:58:20

my hair is coloured and mid length prone to frizz in the hot weather i have a fringe to cover my birth mark. before going on hols it always looks nice after colour and trim then the dreaded sun and sea get to it
this year i have bought a small hat but cant wear that in the sea or pool
due to go to spain for family hol in few months and my hair always make me feel like the bag lady when i am there. I tend to just tie it back in the daytime around the pool/beach area and try my best to make it look half decent at night! not at all easy
does anyone else have this problem?cutting it is not an option just doesnt suit me - wondered if straightening process at the hairdressers would help?
decided this year i would try and sort it but now not so sure !

allowme Sun 24-May-15 22:39:01

I have seen something called Redken smooth lock service which smooths your hair for 10 shampoos. You get it done in salon I am planning on giving it a go the next time i go on holiday.

macnab Mon 25-May-15 12:13:36

My hair is extremely thick and dry. Its actually got quite a curl to it but I can't be arsed even trying the curly girl method because the thoughts of it being awful for a few weeks/months until you 'get into it' fills me with dread. There's so much of it that it would take hours for it to dry naturally. I have used this a few times and intend to use it again before we go on hols next month.

It doesn't straighten your hair, but it does remove all the frizz and fuzz. I have never found it to last more than 8 weeks but I have a ridiculous amount of hair and it is very dry so maybe that's why. Its easy to do, but very time consuming (again this could be because of the amount of hair I have) and once you've done it, you can't tie your hair up or get it wet for at least 3 days. But once you get past that, its worth it! I'd recommend you give it a go, its a lot cheaper than going to a salon to get it done.

iloveoz Mon 25-May-15 12:44:44

McCabe can I just ask is it safe to use on coloured hair+what shampoo do you use after
It's sounds just the job here's hoping !fingers crossed

macnab Mon 25-May-15 14:54:18

My hair is highlighted (lots of bleach!) and its absolutely fine to use. I usually get my hair cut and highlighted, then wait a week and use the kit. Have never had any problems doing it like that. Once done, you need to use salt-free shampoo (the salt breaks down the keratin I think) I've used Organix Ever Straight and Tresemme Naturals and found both fine. But as I said, I've never got 3 months out of it anyway.

TheCatsWhisker Mon 25-May-15 14:57:15

My hair can go frizzy on holiday so I use California KMS humidity spray, it's amazing and I can't live without it now. Makes my hair sleek and shiny.

macnab Mon 25-May-15 15:14:46

That looks good TheCatsWhisker - how much does it cost and can you use it on wet/damp hair? (I notice it says dry hair on that link)

TheCatsWhisker Mon 25-May-15 20:49:08

It's about £14 so not cheap, but it does last a while.

I spray on wet hair, blow dry, then a quick spray on dry hair before I leave the house. I also use straighteners.

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