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Utility jacket help

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Murinea Sun 24-May-15 16:51:42

So this utility jacket in blue from J.Crew is almost my perfect summer jacket... if only it were a little shorter (and cheaper wouldn't hurt). Have you spotted anything similar (in light colours) anywhere? Something that hits mid-hip, that just-below-the-butt length is horribly unflattering one me. confused

frankietwospots Sun 24-May-15 21:47:09

Not quite the same but I have this and love it:

daftyburd Sun 24-May-15 22:05:22

These looked nice in H&M

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 25-May-15 11:41:14

My DD has the H&M one (and I've just seen it's reduced too)

I biught it for her when I got a 20% off card with Elle .
She really likes it, wore it loads already.

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