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Help me sort out my wardrobe!

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FeelMyAge Sun 24-May-15 16:25:43

Following some advice on here I have decided I am going to spend my Bank Holiday Monday sorting out my clothes.

My long term aim is to be the proud owner of lovely clothes that have been carefully chosen because I love them, not because I panic bought them or because they were in the sale! I need to remind myself the majority of the time that things are very heavily discounted because no-one else wants them! Short term I just want rid of the washed out tat.

I am not able to replace things at the moment so what I am left with after my clear out will be what I'm left with, at least for the next few weeks. Would like to concentrate more on autumn/winter rather than summer as it seems we have around 2 days of summer at most grin. My budget is high street rather than designer!

So, tips and tricks for firstly choosing what to part with and secondly deciding what to replace it with? (The good thing about not being able to replace everything right now is that I have time to choose things carefully!) My grandmother used to buy 'outfits' - right down to the accessories, rather than individual items, I'm starting to wonder whether this is the way to do it?!

Goanddoapoothen Sun 24-May-15 16:41:26

I did this recently. I tried everything on, if it didn't fit properly it went. If I hadn't worn it in a year it went. Some to charity, others eBay. I kept a storage bag of possibles which I revisited a few months later-most of those went! I complied a list of things I needed. Once I had the funds I went with a list and didn't get side tracked, only bought what I needed from the list. I don't impulse buy at all, not even in sales. And I generally try everything on and think what the outfit possiblities are before I buy. Now I have much smaller range but it all works so I could easily where a different outfit every day for a month with mixing and matching. It's so much better!

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