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A miraculous thing that I have found!

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hiddenhome Sun 24-May-15 15:15:06

Not a product, but a technique.

In my ongoing quest to look half human nice, I have been researching makeup techniques on YouTube.

If you apply your concealer and foundation with a brush it goes onto your skin properly and you don't get shine and it looks awesome grin

You use a little brush for the concealer and sort of stipple it in then brush smooth, then use a brush like a mini blusher brush to do the same with the foundation. Smooth the foundation off with clean fingers to get a nice finish and voila, it looks so much better than just fingers, it lasts and cuts the shine right down shock wash the brushes every other day with shampoo or washing up liquid.

I can't believe the difference.

burnishedsilver Sun 24-May-15 23:10:54

I'll give it a try.
Thanks :-)

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