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Anyone using a Philips Lumea?

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GammonAndEgg Sun 24-May-15 14:13:21

I'm considering it but it's such a lot of money! Is it worth it?

I'm using the SalonSilk rather than the Lumea- only used it 4 times but it seems to be working really well for me. Legs (1 week since last shave and treatment) only have a few visible hairs and bikini and underarms are still hairier but it's much thinner with distinct bald bits!

GammonAndEgg Sun 24-May-15 14:56:10

I've googled SalonSilk but am only getting hairdressers! What brand is it please?

DreamingOfTheBeach Sun 24-May-15 15:09:05

I bought the lumia after seeing it recommended on here a while ago.
It's amazing!
I've used it around 5 times and can see a huge difference.
The little hair that grows now is very slow to show through. So where before I would have to shave everyday for a holiday now I can leave it over a week and then it's minimal growth that's coming through.
I managed to buy it on sale in argos for £299, but I'm not sure if it's still available at that price.

OliveCane Sun 24-May-15 15:10:51

Marking my place.

It went down to £299 on amazon so worth keeping an eye on:

ICantDecideOnAUsername Sun 24-May-15 15:26:52

I got one of these (the basic one) for £175 in the Amazon Lightning sales before Christmas but still not used it yet ��. Really glad to hear it works. I'm pregnant now so hope it's ok to use as I'm hairy mcMary at the moment smile.

hettie Sun 24-May-15 15:35:10

No, but I recently bought a smoothskin gold. You can get it from boots or direct from their website here . The website allows you to pay in three instalements- which was what sealed the deal for me.
I've used it for three weeks now and can already tell. I am very hairy grin would have to eplicate every 4-5 days and shave every day. Last week I mananged to go 5 days without shaving and not look like a yeti! Am hoping and praying it puts an end to the endless manintainance and horrible in growns. Will report back in a few more weeks!

emwithme Sun 24-May-15 15:48:22

I'm thinking of getting a Lumea (or similar) - does anyone know how well it copes with ingrowing hairs (or those of us with a tendency to get them)? My ingrowers are really weird - they look like they're coming out but lie flat on my leg under a layer or two of skin, with the odd "normal" (ie looks like a blackhead and comes out with a bit of pressure) one thrown in for good measure.

I think I'd have good results otherwise; blue very pale skin with very dark hair.

DreamingOfTheBeach Sun 24-May-15 15:56:57

I suffered badly with ingrown hairs around my bikini line and down the insides of my thighs.
Even with using an Ingrown hair reduction cream they would still come through, until I used the lumea.
Theu have completely gone, which is amazing!
My skin is lovely and soft too.
I was genuinely thrilled with the results.
I think unless you have suffered with things like this it seems trivial, but not having to worry about constantly shaving and dealing with spots/ ingrown hairs is brilliant.

GrrrrrBear Sun 24-May-15 16:11:40

I've had one a while - I'm not sure if the model but it was one of the more expensive ones.
It works really well and I don't get any ingrown hairs. The only problem is that it's really quite time consuming at first and you have to be diligent to keep up the effect. I'm not
The other problem is that the grip is quite large so I don't find it that comfortable to use. I've big hands so I think it would be worse if you had small hands.

meglet Sun 24-May-15 16:18:37

If they cure ingrowing hairs they're worth their weight in gold.

Sorry I meant Smoothskin! Not sure why I keep being convinced it's called something else <facepalm>

this one

I've had a couple of ingrowns on my bikini area since using it, but fewer than normal. I think the ones I've had are where the hair has come back weaker so hasn't been able to get through the skin properly. I reckon they'll stop altogether pretty soon though.

JenniMoo Sun 24-May-15 21:28:20

I find it really hard to do my legs well and keep missing bits, but after a few months my legs, underarms and bikini line are all doing really well.
I didn't think it was working at first but after a few goes I realised the growth had slowed right down and the hair got patchy.

Sloachie Sun 24-May-15 22:19:33

There is an IPL machine on Groupon just now for £99, I think it's a Rio one. Anyone got any opinions on it? Not sure how to do links, sorry!

Sloachie Sun 24-May-15 22:24:34

Actually, I see it's sold out now! Wonder if it's any good though? £99 sounds too good to be true...

GammonAndEgg Mon 25-May-15 08:47:06

I'm tempted by SalonSilk AKA SmoothSkin Gold! Particularly because of the chance to pay in instalments.

I really like it so far - even if i keep forgetting what it's called! The glide feature is pretty useful for legs. I think it takes me about 20 minutes to do both lower legs (no hair above the knee really), full bikini area and both underarms.

Boots do an automatic extended 12 week return period on it which I thought was pretty good.

meringue33 Mon 25-May-15 15:12:12

Does it hurt?

BearPear Mon 25-May-15 15:59:54

I got the Lumea on offer at Boots £299, full price £399. Used regularly and the area I see most improvement is armpit, 3 goes in and virtually no re-growth. I can tell on my legs the bits I have missed, it really is better to persist with the white pencil to ensure even zapping!

DreamingOfTheBeach Mon 25-May-15 16:26:18

No it doesn't hurt, but I found on the highest setting I could feel the quick zap of heat on sentitive areas.

DarrellRiversGlintingEye Mon 25-May-15 16:42:42

I've been using the compact for about 3 months now, and to be honest - I'm really, really disappointed. I've noticed some sparseness under my arms, but no particular slowing of growth either there or on the bikini line. I'm keeping going with it but it's really disheartening, especially when other people seem to get results in 3 goes!

Libitina Mon 25-May-15 16:47:17

Have only found this section this afternoon and you're all costing me a fortune already! Just ordered one of these and also the new St Tropez shower tan stuff.

Seriously though, have had one of these on my wish list for months and months. I keep trying 'cheaper' alternatives but in the end I might as well have forked out for this.

Wish me luck!

TheAssassinsGuild Mon 25-May-15 18:36:08

Hmm. Tempting.... Do you need eye protection goggles with it?

PorridgeIsYummy Mon 25-May-15 18:48:56

Is the compact version as effective and quick as the much larger, standard version? It's a look cheaper and seems easier to use. Has anyone bought it?

You don't need goggles with the salonsilk smoothskin, not sure about the others

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