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Help me find an organized makeup bag please!

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EverythingButTheKitchenSink Sun 24-May-15 08:24:52


I'm looking for something like a UK version of this:

i.e. where you can see everything when you first open it but it's got lots of sections.


hairhelpplease Sun 24-May-15 08:31:17


hairhelpplease Sun 24-May-15 08:34:03

Ignore. I don't think it would work.

andadietcoke Sun 24-May-15 08:41:37

I can either find them where you can see everything, but don't have loads of sections, or ones like this where there are lots of sections but you can't see what's in them - but I think this would work for me if the products were in order - I do foundation and blusher first, so they could go in the top section, then eyes, then lips. So I wouldn't need to see what was there per se.

andadietcoke Sun 24-May-15 08:48:47

Or another option would be to get several small see through cosmetic bags and then store them in a bigger bag?

EverythingButTheKitchenSink Sun 24-May-15 10:40:21

Thanks guys, think I might just try and find a way to get the sonia kashuk one shipped to the uk even though target don't ship!

Samberry Mon 15-Jun-15 16:48:42

While we're talking about cosmetic bags I just wanted to ask what you never leave the house without. I've found this list of the basics but think it's a bit light. I'm wanting to give a few away at an event I'll be running so would love to hear your different opinions. I know it's hard to please everyone but hopefully I'll be able to make a few ladies smile!

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