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Yoga, bras, big boobs

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Karbea Sat 23-May-15 20:20:44


I'm after some advice. I normally wear a very heavy duty sportsbra for all sport inc yoga, running etc. my sports kit is very old and functional. I'm going to be wearing a lot more sports gear soon, and it needs to look nice. I think I want to wear leggings, a pretty bra and a slouchy vest/tshirt.
But all the pretty yoga bras appear to be sized s, m, l etc. do you think they'll give as much support as a regular bra?
So unsure how to look good in sportswear :/

Thank you!

I'd wear a proper sports bra tbh. I wear the panache sport which I dont think is too utilitarian and comes in great colours

WizzardHat Sat 23-May-15 22:27:53

I'd wear an actual sports bra it'll fit and support lots better, and you can get them in nicer colours now. I usually find if I wear a bra that doesn't actually fit properly, I look a few sizes bigger and flabbier than I really am.

What about one of these?

heritagewarrior Sat 23-May-15 22:32:28

I've got large norks and do yoga. I wear Bravissimo pyjama tops that have soft but 'secure' bras in them (no wires), and come in a racer back, good colours and are not lace trimmed. I find they are perfect and have them in pink, black and grey to go with black yoga

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