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Alpha H liquid gold how long to see effects?

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Greengardenpixie Sat 23-May-15 19:13:41

Ok so i bit the bullet and bought some. Some reviews say that people notice the difference right away. Not me though. I have used it for a few nights to kick start it. In the morning, i see no difference. So my question is, for users, how long before you can see a visible improvement? Or did you not see any improvement?

Shop Sat 23-May-15 19:15:24

What are you wanting improve with?

I saw a difference very quickly but it works best for me when I use it twice a week rather than every other night.

DrankSangriaInThePark Sat 23-May-15 19:16:46

I'm afraid I never saw a difference at all!

Greengardenpixie Sat 23-May-15 19:17:44

Well just general tightening and refining of pores. My neck is a bit um....crepey but i dont know if it will help at all with that. What did it improve with you?

madreloco Sat 23-May-15 19:19:21

The only thing it did for me was make my acne even worse.

Greengardenpixie Sat 23-May-15 19:20:42

This is good to know. If it doesnt do anything i wont be buying it again!!!

Shop Sat 23-May-15 19:37:00

Lessened pigmentation, clearer skin and got rid of post breakout marks.

When I used it more than twice a week it made my breakouts worse. I think tightening isn't going to happen overnight anyway. It can make pores look smaller as they are clearer iykwim but not actually tighten them smile

Greengardenpixie Sat 23-May-15 19:40:34

Well have only used 3 times. Will give it a break tonight and just use my normal moisturiser. Then do it every odd night. Tbh, i dont really have acne. I can break out as i have combination skin. When i used boots serum it was fantastic. Really made my skin noticeably smoother. I took pictures. It was amazing. May go back to using that. It didnt do anything for my neck though.

Shop Sat 23-May-15 20:21:49

It's a real marmite product I think, people either love it or hate it.

Maybe go back to the boots serum & just use liquid gold on your neck?

Greengardenpixie Sat 23-May-15 21:19:05

I will keep with it for a little while. Might just do that smile
Any other reviews ???

AlfieandAnnieRose Sat 23-May-15 21:26:03

Is that the protect and perfect Boots serum Greengarden? I was thinking of buying one to try

Greengardenpixie Sat 23-May-15 22:03:40

Yes! Its great. It takes a while before it works but i saw a huge difference. I just got fed up spending the money on it as it is quite expensive for both the serum and the moisuriser. The serum lasts about a month. The moisturiser much longer. My skin looked fabulous.

AlfieandAnnieRose Sat 23-May-15 22:37:20

Thank you, that sounds promising. I think I'll start with the moisturiser. Sorry don't have anything to add about liquid gold!

yazzy85 Sun 24-May-15 00:14:57

It took me about 3-4 weeks to see any results from the liquid gold. I have been using it every other night. I've read that it works better without using a moisturiser ontop which is what I've been doing.

Greengardenpixie Sun 24-May-15 00:34:39

Yes, i have been using it on its own. What improvements haver you seen yazzy?

yazzy85 Sun 24-May-15 09:02:21

Greengardenpixie I've noticed my skin is a lot smoother, brighter and it gives a healthy glow to my skintone. I had a bit of old acne marks left behind on my cheeks and this has helped to even out the complexion and make them less obvious. Maybe increase it to every other day and give it a bit more time?

Greengardenpixie Sun 24-May-15 09:47:01

Yes, havent really used it that much. I did three nights in a row. Yesterday i didnt do it. Not sure about tonight. May leave it and do it on Monday night and see how i go.

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