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Charles Worthington Root Spray Carnage...A bit of advice.

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Marmaladybird Sat 23-May-15 13:53:02

I love CW root spray (brown). I had to use a lot of it yesterday for a night out (I'm booked in for colour on Wednesday, it's dire).

That was fine, no problem. Then I had a gym class this morning. A very sweaty high impact class. I noticed a dark patch on my arm and thought I must have bruised it. I should have made the connection but I didn't.

There was sweat running down my face that I can only assume was CW brown tinted sweat that looked like bisto (judging by what came out when I washed my hair). I don't know if people were smiling at me to be nice (as I'm fairly new) or smirking because I looked ridiculous.

Never again. If CW has to go on, make sure it comes off before anything sweaty ensues...I can think of worse situations than the gym, I suppose.

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