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Cannes Film Festival v Soap Awards

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HappyGirlNow Fri 22-May-15 10:15:05

Ok so posted a similar comment on another thread but thought I'd start my own thread as I've been pondering this over the last few days with photos of both the Cannes Film Festival and British Soap Awards all over the media.

At the Soap Awards I just thought that most of the women looked far from classy in my opinion. Over-bleached or too dark-dyed hair, too much or badly-applied make-up, straggly extensions, clothes just a bit too tight and cheap looking (though no doubt expensive).

Compare that with the gowns, styles and beauty at the Cannes Film Festival and it's like night and day. Those women generally look stunning and very very classy even if there's a bit of flesh on show.

I am not sure how you'd define the difference - I suppose generally more subtle make up, clothes that aren't too tight, hair not over-styled, over-dyed or with obvious extensions..

Anyone else thought/think this? And if so, how would you explain the difference? Obviously larger budgets are involved at Cannes but I am pretty surely similar look could be achieved on less budget...

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