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Completely terrified of makeup/hair as wedding guest - help needed!

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misscph1973 Thu 21-May-15 15:09:03

I am going to my sister in laws wedding. She's a beautician and always looks immaculate as does her beautician friends. I work from home, and I consider it a good day if my T-shirt and jeans match. I am terrified!

I have a really nice outfit with a hat that I am very happy with. But my hair and makeup is terrifying me. I looked into getting it done at a salon, but it's too expensive and we have to travel hours to the wedding, so it's not practical (I would have to have it done at 5am). So I realised that I have binned most of my makeup as it was out of date and I do't own any hair products apart from shampoo and conditioner.

I looked online for some guides for beginners simple makeup (I am so out of practice), and we're talking 8-9 different products and appplying it looks like advanced physics to me. Hair... Well, I cut my hair myself inspired by the Mumsnet haircut and I am happy with that. However...

I use the oil cleaning method, my skin is a little spotty and I have melasma on my forehead (I use sun screen daily and it does help, but doens't cure it). My hair is thin and wavy. I am 42. And I wear glasses. Currently I am thinking of simply not wearing mascara as the smudge risk is so high as I don't normally wear makeup.

I bought some cheap foundation, pressed powder, mascara, lipstick and nail varnish, all very low key colours/nearly nude. I bought a hairgrip. I am going to have some pratice runs but I need help and advice!

KumquatMay Thu 21-May-15 15:19:39

ahh, don't panic - you'll be fine!

First of all, is there something you can get done in advance that will make you feel great? Manicure, hair treatment, pedicure or even a massage? Sometimes that can help with confidence levels if you're feeling a bit bleaugh.

If you don't wear make-up regularly I really recommend a primer (I use Loreal Studio Secrets - often buy one get one free at Superdrug) - it's just a soft cream that helps even your skin out a bit and stops the foundation settling in dry areas. You might not have a problem with that but it sometimes makes first-time application a bit easier.

Perhaps you could approach it in stages? look up a good youtube video for applying foundation, watch it a few times and then follow the instructions, pausing the video as you go to practice. Then try the powder over the top. Give that a go for a few days to get used to it, then move on to mascara.

Carpaccio Thu 21-May-15 15:45:45

If I were you, I'd start by figuring out what look to go for. You can get inspiration from or from one of the many youtube makeup people - Sharon Farrell, Pixiwoo, Tati or just search for the type of look you'd like such as 'natural makeup tutorial' or 'smokey eye makeup tutorial'. Some of them are very good at making it seem simple - and some of the looks are more advanced. But quite frankly, there's not right or wrong in makeup, and if you don't like it, just wash it off again.

It's a really good idea to do as you say - doing the practice runs.

The important bit IMO is to make sure that your foundation suits your skin tone and skin type - so it lasts all day and so your face doesn't look like it's a completely different colour to your neck and body. It's just supposed to even your skin out, not give you a tan/different colour. Don't pile loads on - just use a little bit and blend it well so there are no edges.

For mascara, you might find that a tubing mascara or waterproof mascara will last longer if normal mascaras tend to smudge on you. I personally think that mascara makes a massive difference, and if using a good one (doesn't mean expensive!), it doesn't smudge.
If you want to spend the money, you could get your lashes tinted - it lasts for 6-8 weeks and doesn't smudge.

If you want to wear something on your eyes, you could go for a nude tone with a bit of shimmer in - not so much that it looks like a disco ball, but just a little bit.

A bit of blusher brightens up the face - I really like Sleek's blushers. They are very pigmented, so you have to be a bit careful when applying so you don't put too much on.

If you do your makeup before going, and it's quite a drive, then take it with you so you can touch up when you get there. The pressed powder is great for touch ups so that's a great purchase!

misscph1973 Thu 21-May-15 16:18:25

Thank you so much for your advice, KumquatMay and Carpaccio!

I have mad sure that the foundation is as close to my own skin tone as possible, should I get a primer as well? Haven't got a blusher, but there is still time. But I really don't want a caked layer of too many products ;) To be honest, I just want to look like I made an effort, and have it as minimalistic as possible.

I actually do dye my lashes, as the tips are quite light, but I do like the thickness that mascara gives. Will check if the one I have is waterproof.

I think what I will do is leave in good time and do the makeup just before the wedding when we arrive. If I have had practice runs, I can time it, so that I know how long it takes.

Blusher is a must. Foundation hides some of the natural colour on your cheeks anyway, but photographs tend to wash most people out a little and being a wedding there will be loads taken probably.

misscph1973 Thu 21-May-15 17:12:05

Thanks, StatisticallyChallenged, I was wondering if I could leave it out, but I will get it now. Do I need an applicator brush? That's what I used to use, but perhaps it's simpler these days?

Carpaccio Thu 21-May-15 17:13:59

Primer isn't necessary unless you need it. I rarely bother with primer as I don't think they do much for me or make my makeup last any longer.

Your mascara might be perfectly fine for you - give it a try before running out to buy a new one.

To avoid the cakey look, apply thin layers. For powder products, I find that using a brush is much better than those powder puffs or sponges that come with the products.

I'm sure you'll look great! smile

hettie Thu 21-May-15 17:39:29

I know you've bought the foundation, but you could get a trial bit. Clinique are good for giving a sample pot (their cc cream is good) and bare minerals are giving away samples of their bb cream thing at the moment. Both give a nice dewy natural finish. Both have good range of choice of colours and are in boots. That and some mascara, borjois blush (the small pots have there own brush) and maybe some concealer and highlighter (the teenage ranges have good cheap knock offs of benefits high beam). Then Lisa Eldridge and a few practice runs!

Depending on the blusher it might come with a brush.

For the foundation, the Real Techniques stippling brush is very easy to use and easier to get a non-streaky finish with.

misscph1973 Thu 21-May-15 20:50:03

hettie, my local Boot and Superdrug are quite tatty and overrun with teenagers, most of the testers were empty and there were hardly any staff, so I don't fancy my chances getting any samples ;)

StatisticallyChalleged, the brush looks great, will see if they have it locally.

I have very thin, not very visible eye brows. Any tips? I would like to colour them, but I am worried that it make me look stern, that it will be too much.

Am watching lisa Eldridge - I'm going to be on her site all night ;)

KumquatMay Thu 21-May-15 21:24:54

No, primer's not a necessity - I just love it and it makes me feel alot more comfortable wearing foundation so I just rave about it to everyone.

For eyebrows I absolutely LOVE Benefit Gimme Brow - it's expensive at £18.50 but I'm obsessed with it. It's a really natural looking lightly coloured gel that clings to individual hairs of your eyebrows rather than other eyebrow products which just go straight on to skin. Unfortunately I've tried the knock-off version from Rimmel which I found really difficult to apply. It seems tiny for the price but mine's last nearly 6 months and I use it pretty much every day.

If that's a bit steep for you, what I used to do to my eyebrows was use a light eyebrow pencil something a bit light this (I use a lighter shade than my brows) and then just go over it with a thin eyeshadow brush (something like this or similar) with a bit of brown eyeshadow. So the pencil kind of fills in the base colour underneath and then the bit of brown eyeshadow over the top just picks out hairs and makes it look a bit more natural.

Hope that makes sense!

Carpaccio Thu 21-May-15 21:29:07

Lookfantastic has 15% off RT brushes:

If you don't want to spend too much money on brushes and makeup in general, then I'd suggest applying your base with your fingers and powder products with a brush. You can use your blusher brush for face powder as well if you don't want to buy two brushes.

The Real Techniques blush brush is very nice. I use it for blusher, bronzer and face powder if I don't have any other brush with me.

With regards to eyebrows: Lisa Eldridge has videos about how to do the brows.
I'd say that tinting them will make a massive difference, as long as you don't go too dark. Then filling in with a good product if they still need it.

GoodToesBadToes Thu 21-May-15 21:34:11

Whereabouts do you live? If you're anywhere near SW London I'll come and help you!

hettie Thu 21-May-15 22:14:21

ahhh ok... Was only thinking of cc/bb cream as they are fairly fool proof.
Until about 18 months ago I barely wore make up... then I realsied that I am a lot older than I used to be and I needed a bit of help.
I was clueless, but picked up loads of tips from Lisa E.... I've got the natural but glowy/groomed look off pat now- mostly taken from her 'natural vidoe' and the one she did with Sophie Dahl. Foundation or cc cream (borjois ones are good too). Blusher, highlighter, mascara and low key lip if I'm going out maybe some using a bit of eye pencil to tightline my eye (no I had no idea what it was either- but it's simple subtle and easy to do). Managed all this from google/ you tube and cheapish brands.

ninawish Fri 22-May-15 02:02:35

I'm with hettie after years of getting it wrong I have a low key look down pat

I've experimented with the budget brands and have had some great finds

1. Garnier perfect blur primer (leave 2 mins). Love this stuff! It's changed me face! Bought it on a whim too.

2. Foundation or bb

3. Cover girl concealer around nose eyes and chin - just for on and smudge

4. Benefit high beam for glow across top cheekbones, down nose, touch on forehead, dabbed in with fingers

5. Soap and glory cheekmate (it's a stain just dab in and rub in lasts all day)

6. Chubby eye pencils (got that recommendation from here and they are sooooo good and so easy) I use a black on top lids Rimmel scandal eyes - brilliant lasts all day doesn't smudge. I think they do nude colours too so you could just pop that on its hard to make a mistake.

7. Mascara

8. Lips - again the chubby pencils again Rimmel in a nude tho I like plain gloss too.

All this takes 3 mins - not complicated.

The best thing is the Garnier Blur I wear it alone too or Pop it on over make up in the day - on me it does blur and cover which is great. I've never used primer before and it's really made me make up 'look' better

Having said all that my best friend is a celebrity make up artist and she says if in doubt just go for a 'bright lip' - I will know if she's busy or not had time because she'll turn up with a basic foundation a bit of mascara and a really bright coral or matte lipstick and it works like a dream - so you could try that with a cheap brand to see if you like. Her philosophy is it gives a big impact and takes away pressure for the rest of face to be 'done' as eyes draw to your lips.

Enjoy the day.

ninawish Fri 22-May-15 02:04:35

sorry for typos on phone smile

misscph1973 Fri 22-May-15 09:52:07

KumquatMay, thanks - I watched Lisa Eldridge's video on eyebrows - looks great, but my eyebrows are so "thinly haired", if you know what I mean, I tried doing what she did with an eyebrow shadow, and I looked like a 7 year old had done it ;) I do kind of understand your instruction, I just don't think I can manage it ;) My eyebrows scare me!

GoodToesBadToes, you are so nice ;) But I am in Somerset.

hettie, that's very inspiring. I guess I am where you were 18 months ago, I am beginning to look my age, and I just think I look really bland/washed out. I have a deep furrow between my eyebrows that I haave actually managed to reverse (not completely!) with rosehip oil, that stuff is amazing. But I would like to look more "groomed". I will watch some more Lisa Eldrige. What she does is so beyond anything I can do, but she's not as scary as other tutorials I have watched, so I think I can get used to her.

ninawish, thank you for the budget recommendations, I am definitely not looking to spend too much money as it's a one-off. Although I am hoping that it goes well and I get inspired. But in the long run I would like to look at products that are more natural, as I have had such great results with the oil cleaning method.

WipsGlitter Fri 22-May-15 11:51:22

Could you get your hair blow-dried the day before? If you explain they will put enough product on it so it lasts. I think shiny well styled hair is essential to looking groomed.

misscph1973 Fri 22-May-15 12:08:34

My mother in law just phoned. She knows that I am rubbish at this, and she is going to get the hair stylist who is already doing the bride, the bridesmaids (my daughter is one of them), the mother of the bride and her sister to do my hair aswell, and my sister in law will do my makeup! I am so relieved I could cry!

I am going to learn from this, and get better at makeup and hair. Even if I work from home and my husband is blind (he actually is) ;)

hettie Fri 22-May-15 12:24:38

aww bless- that's lovely of her. Have a geat day

KumquatMay Fri 22-May-15 13:34:55

Lovely news misscph1973, you will look wonderful! Enjoy the wedding!

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