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Keratosis Pilaris on the face. Anyone here fixed this?

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gooseflannel Thu 21-May-15 09:43:37

Both dds have Keratosis Pilaris on their faces, dd2 (nearly 10) to a much greater extent than dd1.

I have read myself silly on the Internet but as most of the advice is for KP on the body, and for adults, I am pretty much trying to fix this with very careful trial and error at the moment.

It is starting to upset her, and as you can see from the photos is pretty noticeable.

For the last couple of weeks I have been using Cerave products on her face, the moisturising wash twice a day and the renewing lotion at night.

In the mornings I put the Body Shop Aloe Vera night cream on, and then LaRoche Posay anthelios factor 50 over the top.

Twice a week I very gently use the Olay facial swirly brush doohickey on her.

The only time in the past three year when it has completely cleared is a two week camping trip in Wales where she got lots of sun (didn't get burnt), sea, sand etc etc exposure.

Lots of sites suggest urea moisturising products. We have tried Eurcin 5% moisturiser to no effect. I have Aldi's 10% urea foot cream sitting here but am understandably nervous about sticking it on a child's face. I've been putting it on my hands for the past few days now and I do have the softest hands I've had in a very long time and no adverse skin irritation.

Anything else I can do?

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trappedinsuburbia Thu 21-May-15 09:48:03

Could it be something shes eating and has an intolerance to, ie dairy?
I would honestly go to your gp and get the diagnosis from them.

gooseflannel Thu 21-May-15 09:51:10

Have done.

Diagnosis of KP.

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DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 21-May-15 09:52:42

Don't use the foot cream, I tried it but it stung!

You need Holland and Barrett Allergenic intensive care cream, fab stuff.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 21-May-15 09:56:05

aloysiusflyte Thu 21-May-15 09:58:15

I've had kp on my arms all my life, from what you've said I would worry that you're over moisturising. With mine I make sure I exfoliate a couple of times a week and just use a light moisturiser once a day. That doesn't get rid of it completely but it keeps it at bay.
Also, don't scratch or squeeze as that obviously makes it worse and could cause scaring ( looks at arms and sees years of not following that advice!)
You're right about sunshine, fresh air and a tan always makes mine better. The only time mine disappeared completely was when I was pregnant with dc2 which does point towards it being hormonal? So it might be worse with your dd's as they are approaching puberty.
Sending support to you and your dd's, it's an annoying thing to deal with, I'm sure people still look at my bobbly arms now sad

gooseflannel Thu 21-May-15 10:08:38

Oh sad so I've been going overboard on the moisturising? I thought that having dry skin made it worse. Not that she has got dry skin. It's perfectly normal skin between all the bumps.

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Carpaccio Thu 21-May-15 10:09:03

Eucerin has a 10% urea cream, sold in boots.

I personally wouldn't use a foot cream in the face, just because it might contain ingredients that aren't necessary on the face.

There are creams for psoriasis sufferers with higher amounts of urea in, and my impression is that they can be used on the face.

I have a 30% urea cream (meant for body and scalp) I use on my KP arms and have tried it on my chin where I had a stubborn massive spot under the skin that wouldn't go away (had a massive lump under the skin for 6 months or so) - using the cream for a few days helped massively and I still have my chin.

I'd suggest a 10% urea cream and to cut down on the very moisturising products as too rich products also can make the skin react with whiteheads and milia. Maybe an acid toner like the Pixi Glow Tonic could help, as well as a mild cleanser and a good moisturiser that isn't too rich.

Spydra Thu 21-May-15 11:02:20

If you're going to try a 10% cream, try it on your face first. It burns!

artylady14 Thu 21-May-15 11:32:27

I would love to know if anyone is free of this! However, I only got diagnosed last year and have seen the top dermatologist in London, one of only a few in the UK, who said the only way to get rid of it was by carbon dioxide laser treatment. Very extreme and couldnt do on children. Because I have rosacea, they advised I could be left with a permanently red face so I have done nothing but hate it all over my face!

Feawen Thu 21-May-15 13:18:01

Making sure I incorporate enough vitamin a into my diet has helped mine enormously. I read about this somewhere (maybe even here?) that KP is made worse by a lack of vitamin A. Now that I eat liver pate or similar once or twice a week my arms are much smoother.

It can also be an intolerance to casein, which is the protein in dairy products. Cutting out dairy didn't help in my case (and was a pain so I gave up after a few months).

cardoon Thu 21-May-15 13:21:46

I use clarins exfoliating toner followed by eucerin 5% night cream and mine is much improved.

gooseflannel Thu 21-May-15 14:58:20

Thanks all for the advice.

I've started the, both on vitamin supplements and upping vit A rich foods in their diet already.

Thinking it might be worth trying to find a paediatric dermatologist before I try anything else on her face.

artylady, sorry to hear you've still got it on your face sad

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Juut Mon 18-Dec-17 19:29:44


I saw your message from 3 years ago of the kp on the face of your daughters. I’m Just curious if you found anything that works? My daughter has the same and i’m Looking for something that works. Hope that you van help me! Greetings

Abbotswood Mon 18-Dec-17 19:54:11

I know this is a zombie thread but I fixed KP on my arms with skin brushing then rub in virgin coconut oil into which tea tree oil added. The skin brushing was to exfoliate, so how about a muslin cloth or flannel to do that on the face?

You have to do it regularly, its not cured, just managed.

Dalesgirl16 Mon 18-Dec-17 20:49:11

I have it on my face toosad

Maraki Mon 18-Dec-17 21:33:02

I found out that my moisturiser was causing it (clinique dramatically different lotion). As soon as I stopped using it and started using an acid exfoliator (eg fab pads, lactic acid from bravura, alpha gold) it cleared up. I had it on my arms too, I exfoliated like mad (with an abrasive salt in oil scrub) and moisturised (dove) and it went away.

dinoboogie Sat 30-Dec-17 21:56:40

I would request a dermatology referral if it is distressing your daughter, but above all I would aim to reassure DC that they are beautiful whatever. Even minor skin conditions can cause psychological distress and I would certainly want to avoid this looming large in their minds. Good luck.

Fresta Sat 30-Dec-17 23:50:27

I would try a product with salicylic acid in it. I have a different type of KP on my face and regular chemical exploration keeps it at bay. Moisturising is fine as it is a dry skin condition, it's hereditary and not related to allergies, or food intolerance or deficiencies as some will try to lead you to believe.

Try Paulas choice for a gentle BHA product. They do toner type lotions and light lotion formulas. Due to their age though be very careful and use minimally and use sunscreen too.

babigailwabble Sun 31-Dec-17 22:38:54

i've had this since this age sad i've never cured it. I'm giving up gluten (sadsadsad) in my next attempt.

Ostagazuzulum Fri 21-Feb-20 17:46:46

Has anyone managed to find a way to improve this in kids? My daughter has it in her face. Did the vitamins work?
She was misdiagnosed 3 years ago by a dermatologist who said it was childhood acne. Turns out what they prescribed her aggravated it. Just had preliminary new diagnosis of KP

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