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How to accessorise this?

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LondonRocks Wed 20-May-15 23:28:19

I've got this dress to wear to a wedding. What colour shoes would work? I'm thinking black with coordinating bag? Or should I go for a different colour?

AngelWings74 Thu 21-May-15 06:25:01

Lovely dress. I would go for cream

BadgersArse Thu 21-May-15 06:31:36

Black like in pic. Cream would make you look like scrambled egg

burnishedsilver Thu 21-May-15 08:40:25


VamonosPest Thu 21-May-15 08:54:06

I'd go for a light/mid grey I think.

LondonRocks Thu 21-May-15 09:54:38

Thanks! Will try a few combos and see what works. I've got a pair of black shoes and a matching pair in oyster grey/cream, so will see what looks best.

Wasn't sure what the dress would be like in the flesh but it is lovely - I wouldn't normally go for yellow as I can look washed out, but this is great - it has subtle gold threads running through it, really nice.

Greengardenpixie Thu 21-May-15 09:58:22


Pantsalive Thu 21-May-15 10:39:26

Bright pink

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