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Can we talk cleansing balms?.

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Fluffycloudland77 Wed 20-May-15 21:47:48

I'm using this one, I love it but I really want Emma Hardies balm.

Are any of you using it?. How long do they last?. I'm used to using a 200ml cleanser in a month but these are mostly 100ml.

Tweezertastic Wed 20-May-15 22:04:04

I've not tried it but you could try this set from QVC and you have the 30day guarantee if you don't like it

gaggiagirl Wed 20-May-15 22:07:31

I've used elemis which was really good. A little went such a long way.
Body shop camomile cleansing balm however is excellent. Great price too.

Breadkneadslove Wed 20-May-15 22:12:36

I have the giant Emma hardie one and I love it. I bought it mid December ish and I still have about half a tub left!

If it helps when I used the Liz Earle cleanser I never went through as much as they said I would in a month, but I still thought I used sufficient amounts to cleanse my skin.

I also use the Emma hardie balm as my night moisturizer / serum if it's dry or needed nourished.

It smells divine!

BigPawsBrown Wed 20-May-15 22:15:15

I have used it and I'm sorry to say it is every bit as wonderful as they say grin

I used the body shop's chamomile cleansing butter and balance me's, so I did shop around but Emma Hardie's really does melt down in to an oil, it's like butter, and it takes one swipe with the flannel to get it off. It makes me slightly more prone to cheek spots I think because it's quite rich but even so I love it, and it smells divine. I get mine off eBay and it's about £20. The pot is really deep, my first lasted nov - jan and I got the second for my birthday in February and used about half of it. I use it every day. It's soooo lovely.

PurpleDaisies Wed 20-May-15 22:20:42

My skin hated it! Spots everywhere. I am slightly on the oily side though.

It does smell really night though.

Carpaccio Wed 20-May-15 22:29:59

I love cleansing balms, but not the ones that leave a film on the skin. They break me out and make my skin really oily (already have oily skin).

I really like the Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm.
I also like the Body Shop's Chamomile cleansing butter - it is very similar to the Clinque one but is scented.

I use it every day, about a pea sized bit. I have had the Body shop one since Christmas and there's still about a third left.
The Clinique one is bigger and I had that one for 9 months or so.
I use a small spatula to get the product out for hygiene reasons and to avoid getting water in the tin.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 20-May-15 22:55:39

Merumaya £15.50 /1ooml
Cloths £13.50/ 7 cloths

QVC have a duo + cloths for £33.36 + £4.95 p&p (so £44.50 worth) and on the 30 Day MBG.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 21-May-15 17:48:58

I think the bodyshop one has something Caroline hirons advises against for acne prone skin.

Of course, eating a whole block of halva in one sitting isn't great for acne either hmm

Do you all use balms in the morning too?.

Caroline Hirons is bad for my bank balance. She MAKES me buy stuff.

chipsandpeas Thu 21-May-15 17:54:45

i use this

lasts me months think the one im close to finising (next few days and its gone) i started before xmas so getting about 6 months out of them, i use it to remove make up so pretty much gets used every day, i also double cleanse but use the soap and glory peaches and clean after this
just use a normal face cloth to remove

OneDayWhenIGrowUp Thu 21-May-15 17:55:32

Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm is luffly. CH rates it too. I'll use it in the morning or as a second cleanse in the evening. Gorgeous stuff.

Carpaccio Thu 21-May-15 18:16:29

Yeah, she claims that the synthetic wax is bad for acne/combination skin. I have oily, dehydrated and acne prone skin and this one doesn't break me out. It doesn't leave a film either.

I always use a flannel with the cleansing balms - but I have used the Boots Organics one and that was absolutely awful. It left a film on my skin and I got loads of spots when using it.

In the morning, I use Cetaphil with my Clarisonic. I've previously been using more expensive cleansers, but they really weren't worth the money for me.

FlumptyDumpty Thu 21-May-15 18:19:57

I use Emma Hardie and LOVE it. I have really oily, spot-prone skin but this has really reduced my spots. Smells lovely and leaves my skin so soft. Wouldn't be without it now. It is pricey but you only need to use a little bit so it lasts ages.

Bapple Thu 21-May-15 18:32:30

I love the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. Smells divine - a great way to start the day. My skin loves it (I did get a couple cheek spots to start with but they soon settled down). I bought the pack of three smaller pots from M&S and use it morning and evening. The first pot has lasted me a month.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Thu 21-May-15 18:38:05

I don't like Emma Hardie. It's too rich for me and I don't get on with the essential oils in it. As an aside, I also really HATE the packaging. It cracks, splits and leaks and looks disgusting by the time you get 2/3 of the way down the tub. Revolting and not what I'd expect for the price.

I use Clinique's take the day off balm. It is much simpler and doesn't smell or feel as luxe but the packaging is more practical and as nice (IMO), it does the job brilliantly and my skin gets on well with it. Oh and it's over £10 cheaper for more product. Win!

evertonmint Thu 21-May-15 19:45:41

I'm a big fan of the camomile butter from Body Shop. I've been using it for at least a year, probably nearer 18 months, and icebox plans to change. It suits my dehydrated normal/dry but slightly sensitive skin really well and washes off nicely, no residue. It just seems really calming on my skin, and it feels soft and very clean after use. I use it at night always as first cleanse (though I tend not to wear make up so not sure how it copes as first cleanse if you do). I use it most mornings too, though sometimes use my cream cleanser instead.

evertonmint Thu 21-May-15 19:46:18

Icebox? Weird autocorrect - should say "I've no plans to change"!

southeastastra Thu 21-May-15 19:56:25

i like the elemis one, def get on offer from qvc or ebay though, it's vv expensive from dept stores.

BigPawsBrown Fri 22-May-15 07:22:59

The body shop one leaves my skin feeling tight, shiny and dry and none of the others do, so she is right I think. I've not got acne prone skin but I do have oily skin.

goodasitgets Fri 22-May-15 14:02:11

I have combination acne prone skin
Love clinique TTDO balm, balmology neroli cleansing balm, OCCO wax balm (hard to find), REN hot cloth cleanser

leedy Fri 22-May-15 16:59:30

I love the Clinique one as well. The Darphin Rosewood balm is fabulous but I can't seem to find it anywhere - got my last tub of it in Spain.

U2TheEdge Fri 22-May-15 17:38:12

I don't think you can beat the LUSH Ultrabland, personally.

ALittleLemonTwist Fri 22-May-15 18:32:16

I have been using coconut oil and been impressed. Think I'm in a minority as didn't really rate the EMma Hardie one. Was nice but wouldn't buy again at that price

pinkfrocks Fri 22-May-15 20:14:02

I'm using the Clinique one too - sometimes just rinse off, sometimes use a hot cloth. I don't know but I have had a few chin pimples since using it- have used a cheaper lotion / milk for years and been fine- but could just be coincidence.
It is expensive in my opinion- I've had good results with L'Oreal cleansers for £4 and even Boots own which is about £1 for a bottle of their cleansing lotion. I don't think ££ cleansers are good value for money really - the main thing is to use them, maybe give your face a 2nd cleanse, and avoid anything too harsh or with alcohol and perfume.

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Sat 23-May-15 19:30:07

leedy, here's your Darphin balm. I've used these people before, no problems.

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