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Anyone had tear trough fillers

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trappedinsuburbia Wed 20-May-15 21:25:29

If so were they worth it??
Im getting a bit hollow under the eyes and getting a consultation tomorrow and all being well will get them done.
And does it hurt !!!

TheGruffal0 Wed 20-May-15 21:27:42

Not yet but eagerly awaiting your report back smile

trappedinsuburbia Wed 20-May-15 21:31:08

I will report back smile

SnakePlisskensMum Thu 21-May-15 06:36:04

Yes, it's the best thing I've ever had done. I didn't bruise but some people do so be prepared but you won't regret it, it's made me look so much fresher. Trouble is, it's addictive grin

hellsbells99 Thu 21-May-15 08:16:05

Not yet, but need too! Good luck

barleysugar Thu 21-May-15 08:20:05

I had them last year. I loved the effect and it's lasted almost a year! Prepare to bruise on your cheek though, I was surprised how far down my face she put the cannula in!

However, as its begun to wear off I am debating whether to do it again. I do feel like I look more like "me" again!

barleysugar Thu 21-May-15 08:21:54

Oh and I nearly passed out as I wasn't expecting such pain! But it was a very hot day, I was anxious and I have a low pain threshold!

trappedinsuburbia Thu 21-May-15 08:29:51

Thanks ladies im expecting some bruising and dr knows im a wuss about pain. Ive took a before shot so if im brave may post a before and after later.l

EssexMummy123 Thu 21-May-15 08:35:40

Good luck - i'm also thinking about having this done.

TheGruffal0 Thu 21-May-15 08:43:50

Good luck!

EssexMummy123 Thu 21-May-15 22:07:25

How did it go OP?

TheGruffal0 Fri 22-May-15 13:45:12

Scary silence... Hope it was a positive experience!

trappedinsuburbia Fri 22-May-15 17:00:45

Hi sorry its took so long. No pictures as yet as apparently takes up to 2 weeks to see the full results !! Bit disappointed but patience is a virtue!!
I was pretty scared of the whole thing, but got some local anesthetic in each cheek and could feel some shoving and pulling but no pain, no bruising but my cheeks feel a little tender. I will post pics I promise.

MadCatGirrrl Fri 22-May-15 23:22:28

Hmmm. .. . Asked the reconstructive plastic surgeon (who did my Botox yesterday) about tear trough fillers and he said he wouldn't EVER do them, as he spends a disproportionate amount of time putting problems with them right. I really trust him, he really is the best of the best and was shocked by his vehement response to my enquiry!!!

EssexMummy123 Sat 23-May-15 11:35:00

Really - so what does he suggest instead?

Cindersuglysister Sat 23-May-15 12:32:13

I had them done by Dr Tracy Mountford who is one of the best. I'd not have them again. Reason- hurt like mad (but then my cheek fillers did too) but I only got 6 months out of them (tear troughs) and about a 50% improvement, which is what she advised I would. It did help with my under eye bags. She says they are tricky to do- for safety reasons- and always plays it safe. I've got just as good results from the latest cheek fillers which she over-did a bit this time (my 3rd) but they last me for around 15 months and they seem to have made my under eye bags less noticeable.
I have never had much bruising, maybe a tiny bit from where the needle goes in, but that's it. I have had redness and heat on my face for about 3 days afterwards and this does worry me.

trappedinsuburbia Sat 23-May-15 22:31:32

My doc said they are tricky as well and not everyone does them because the skin under the eyes is so thin and there is no room for error, he has also been cautious as he said the filler draws in water from surrounding tissues thus the 2 weeks to see the full results. On the plus side he said the effects should last for at least 12 months if not longer.

trappedinsuburbia Sat 23-May-15 22:35:10

Cinders, I dont think I could have had it done without the local anesthetic, I could feel all the pulling but no pain and it felt quite an invasive procedure, certainly not pleasant and my cheeks are still pretty tender where the cannula went through.

browtox Sat 23-May-15 23:12:46


Abraid2 Tue 26-May-15 21:34:59

Before you have it done, try Easy Eye Solutions Eye Tuck.

It really is the only thing I have ever used that has reduced my eye bags, which are caused by my cheek bones slowly descending and leaving a kind of hollow. I saw, no kidding, an immediate improvement on the first application. It is a bit difficult to use at first and you have to fiddle around if you ued concealer as well, but it works. Nothing else has.

trappedinsuburbia Tue 09-Jun-15 21:34:26

Right sorry for delay, I waited the 2 weeks and didnt see too much difference so was back on Saturday and was topped up, he likes to be conservative due to the area. Hopefully they will continue to improve over the next 2 weeks even more but im very happy so far. Im going to try and post before and after pics. See the terrified look in the first pic, I was enroute to have it done.

Dowser Tue 09-Jun-15 22:39:18

There's definitely some improvement.

You were very bravesnd so much younger than I am. I have brow lines at the corners of my eyebrows as well.

trappedinsuburbia Wed 10-Jun-15 07:21:27

I can see a huge improvement and feel its taken 10 years off my eyes, I certainly wasn't brave I was terrified!! But I never felt it due to the local and a very calm mannered dr.

TheGruffal0 Wed 10-Jun-15 08:17:20

Thanks for letting us know, it looks good, very encouraging smile Did you go to a very well known clinic?

AgathaF Wed 10-Jun-15 09:22:46

I've been having them for around 3 years now. They make me look fresher and like I've had a good nights sleep. Without them I look knackered.

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