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Going Out Outfits

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earlyriser Wed 20-May-15 20:44:15

What is your standard going out outfit, say for an evening in a city going to pubs and/or clubs? And what age are you? If you don't mind saying!

guineapig1 Wed 20-May-15 20:48:28

Black skinny jeans or cigarette trousers, high black patent heels, silk blouse, little cardi in summer, blazer in winter. Would wear this combo on most nights out of any description inc meal with DH, drinks with girls, cinema/theatre/gig/hen party/family birthdays/school concerts etc!!! Am early 30s and size 12. Appreciate that I am probably a bit out of touch!!!

Autumn / Winter
Black skinnies
Silky top
Leather biker
Heeled ankle boots

Or as above but with opaques and a mini tube skirt instead of the jeans.

Spring / Summer (except on the hottest of days)
Pale wash skinnies
Silky top or Whistles seam back t-shirt
Fabric biker if cool, or cropped cotton cardi if warmer
Heeled sandals

earlyriser Wed 20-May-15 20:58:15

Where are good places to get black skinnies? my indigo ones are very faded and full of pulled threads from the pesky cats. Haven't been out out in ages and am in need of some inspiration!

earlyriser Wed 20-May-15 20:59:52

I am reassured that you both describe pretty much the same outfit and that jeans are acceptable evening out wear smile

My latest black skinnies are from Primark, after a recommendation on here. I like them a lot - but haven't yet inspected them after their first visit to the washing machine. smile

UmiSays Wed 20-May-15 21:17:00

Pub or casual-ish night out - dark slim fit jeans (I live in Levi curve slim jeans and have them in about 8 different shades), a fitted top or sweater, ankle boots. The devil is in the detail, though - I'll do my hair and make up nicely, nice jewellery/handbag/jacket/scarf etc.

I'm 38.

WilburIsSomePig Wed 20-May-15 22:29:36

Black skinnies or cigarette pants, silk top (I'm a mint velvet devotee), high boots in winter, strappy heels in summer, no jacket in summer, blazer/scarf in winter, minimal jewellery round my neck but love bracelets. I'm rather dull!

WilburIsSomePig Wed 20-May-15 22:30:10

Sorry, I'm 48 size 12.

earlyriser Thu 21-May-15 07:16:14

I don't think that sounds dull at all Wilbur, just well put together.

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