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Tops for the very short and very booby?

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BuggersMuddle Tue 19-May-15 22:51:04

I may have requested inspiration on this before, but having lost a little weight, I am 5', wear 28" jeans, but have enormous great 30G boobs and am really struggling with tops and to a lesser extent dresses.

I have done a lot of running and cycling so my legs - once my problem area - are pretty firm / muscular and skinny below the knee. Ironically this makes any poor choices of top look worse as I am also blessed with broad shoulders confused

I spend a lot of time in skinnies, ankle boots and a variety of lovely blazers (ironically no trouble buying jackets hmm ) but find I have more variety of jeans and jackets that I do of tops to go with, which seems a bit back to front really...

I sort of know what I'm after. Basically smart / casual tops that aren't just a plain fitted black t-shirt (although suggestions for basics good too) - a bit smarter, could be worn out to a nice lunch. Breton style tops, scoop necks, skimming draped tops or nice fine knits all work. I wear a lot of lycra grin. Anything square and most high necked stuff otoh make me look like an American football player.

I was round the shops again at the weekend and everywhere seemed to be selling relaxed fit / boxy / asymmetric stuff. Any suggestions as to shops I might try?

My usual fall backs are Hobbs and Jaeger for nicer stuff, backed up with a fair amount of black / dark coloured Icebreaker merino tops for more casual wear.

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