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Alternatives to Thomas Sabo ring?

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StephenKatz Tue 19-May-15 18:49:46

DH has promised me a lovely ring for my birthday next week. I really like this Thomas Sabo ring but one of my really good friends has just got married and has the exact same one as her wedding ring!

I'm sure she won't mind if I 'copy' but I wondered if anyone knew of any alternatives for a similar budget? Thanks in advance!

Jenda Tue 19-May-15 23:43:28

this is the closest ive found after looking for ages!!

Its a tricky one, nice and smooth shape which is hard to match. Also most lookalikes are either topaz and diamond and ££££ or very cheap plasticy ones.

Have you tried Etsy? Lots along the same vein and you could always commission one which might be nice because it would be unique to you

Jenda Wed 20-May-15 01:10:49

would you be open to other styles and colours?

StephenKatz Wed 20-May-15 18:39:25

Thank you Jenda! I'll have a look now! Think the thing is I don't really know what I want < helpful >

Jenda Wed 20-May-15 21:06:26

ah definitely lool at etsy then, fab for ideas!

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