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How do you know if your mascara has run out?

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BadgersArse Mon 18-May-15 10:50:39

I know it sounds a bit dm... but I can never see... unless i never HAVE run out and always bin early.

BadgersArse Mon 18-May-15 10:52:34

wtaf is this?

BadgersArse Mon 18-May-15 10:55:13

that girl is the weirdest..

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Mon 18-May-15 10:55:39

For me, when it goes dry and flaky, or really blobby or starts to smell like liquorice, it's time to bin it.

I don't think I ever 'run out' as in empty tube.

BadgersArse Mon 18-May-15 10:56:24

SMELL - oh god I never thought of that

BadgersArse Mon 18-May-15 10:56:43

Its clever, isnt it....

BadgersArse Mon 18-May-15 21:41:12


luckingaround Mon 18-May-15 22:19:47

I never know. The mascara might get a bit dry and thick/clumpy and so old that I feel guilty for using it. V scientific wink

I had a look at your YouTube video. Funny girl. With her 'pop' sound. Maybe she's right. No one else seems to know better anyway.

cuntyMcCunterson Mon 18-May-15 22:44:32

i find it goes dry, flaky and more difficult to get my lashes to look decent and the brush looks a bit funky/clumpy! I'm a make up junkie so very rarely have a mascara go off and start smelling.

BadgersArse Mon 18-May-15 22:46:15

that is how they make money out of us!

CointreauVersial Mon 18-May-15 22:54:40

I chuck mine after a few months, whether or not it's empty.

It starts growing bugs after a while; the warning signs are sore eyes and eczema on my eyelids.

dun1urkin Mon 18-May-15 22:59:00

When it doesn't make that slightly wet 'pop' sound when I remove the wand. I've not watched the video but assume that's what's going on there...
Also, YY to smell. Off mascara does have a certain unique aroma grin

slippermum Tue 19-May-15 01:17:31

It goes dry and smells like a wet brolly! lol

dexter73 Tue 19-May-15 06:50:02

I'm going to have to smell my mascara later.

BadgersArse Tue 19-May-15 07:12:13

I keep coming upstairs to sniff it then forget what I've come up for

dexter73 Tue 19-May-15 07:35:41

I just went for a sniff but I'm none the wiser as to whether or not it is still ok. It smelt a bit like shoe polish maybe. I'm not even sure when I bought my mascara!

dun1urkin Tue 19-May-15 07:52:18

dexter you'll just knowgrin
I think you should keep it and see what happens. It's not guaranteed to go off though, it might just dry up...

BadgersArse Tue 19-May-15 10:13:22

Mine smelled ok

Iloveangel Wed 20-May-15 06:14:31

I have had my current one for ......2 years!! Smells fine, hasn't dried up and never had so much as an eye infection. I admittedly don't use it every day but even so I will keep going with it until it drys up!!

ItsRainingInBaltimore Wed 20-May-15 06:21:08

Oh my God, that child! Her mother should not let her loose on the internet for her own good.

I agree about the sucky-plop sound when you open the mascara though - an empty one doesn't do that.

But you can usually just tell when it starts to go dry and flaky and doesn't go on very smoothly. It's not rocket science!

BadgersArse Wed 20-May-15 06:47:11

Well. Obviously it is

FrugalFashionista Wed 20-May-15 06:56:18

My children are going to a new school in autumn, we visited it last week, and the teachers sounded, erm, progressive. Children do 'projects' instead of homework, and this seems to involve 8-year-olds producing rap videos and uploading them to Youtube - we actually saw one grin

Oh and cursive writing is about to be taken off the curriculum there.

<feeling hopelessly old>

BadgersArse Wed 20-May-15 06:57:35


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