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Can you help me find an outfit - for a smart, country pub lunch?

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40SomethingFabulouslyClueless Sun 17-May-15 11:15:14

For various reasons too boring to mention, I've been living in cheap jeans and jumpers for the last few months, which has been fine as my social life has been non-existent. But I have a Sunday lunch coming up with family and friends and have nothing to wear. I'm a smaller size on top than on the bottom, so dresses are tricky unless they are A line. Look dreadful in black or white. Would love to look 'relaxed chic', but have no clue how to achieve this look. I've tried Pinterest but was overwhelmed and didn't really find anything appealing. I need help!

Oly4 Sun 17-May-15 12:25:39

I am doing exactly as you describe today and in wearing this French Connection top with jeans and flat leather pumps. It looks great, the pics do not do it justice but it's a beautiful top. Not too dressy and not too casual

Oly4 Sun 17-May-15 12:28:11

Just get some cheap straight leg jeans or skinnies and you're good to go

40SomethingFabulouslyClueless Sun 17-May-15 13:16:18

I can't get the link to work, but was thinks jeans might not be smart enough. I have no idea though!

Gem124 Sun 17-May-15 14:09:38

I think jeans are absolutely fine, just make sure they're not too light. I'd go either jeans, pretty top & flats as already suggested or jeans, vest & blazer with a statement necklace. Maybe do you nails & style your hair so you feel 'done'. Have a lovely time :-)

BadgersArse Sun 17-May-15 16:45:40

you want flippin Mint Velvet for that released glamour thing

Jeans absolutely fine for a pub lunch.

How about silk cami, jeans and a jacket?

Bakeoffcake Sun 17-May-15 17:46:11

Yes, jeans and a lovely top are perfect for a smart country pub.

GlitzAndGigglesx Sun 17-May-15 17:55:06

Skinny jeans or relaxed straight leg boyfriend jeans with a scallop hem top and blazer, pumps and accessories

40SomethingFabulouslyClueless Sun 17-May-15 21:33:05

Ok, jeans it is, unless it's a hot day, then what? shock

BadgersArse Sun 17-May-15 21:38:11

These from Zara

Silverstreaks Mon 18-May-15 07:44:01

Sainsbury's had some lovely 100% cotton dresses in. The were retro - think fifties, some bell shaped with side pockets and a gingham shirtwaister. Both perfect for smaller on top. The website is rubbish but it's worth looking in store.
I bought two, a red white gingham and bell with flowery fruits. Both well made and perfect for lunch.

40SomethingFabulouslyClueless Mon 18-May-15 11:49:02

Oooh, liking the blue trousers! I'll take a look at the Sainsbury's dresses too. thank you!

BadgersArse Mon 18-May-15 12:06:37

those trousers are ace. A bit longer than cropped

SLim on thighs

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