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Nail colours

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BehindEveryCloud Sat 16-May-15 23:51:12

Planning to treat myself to a quick manicure/pedicure tomorrow while lovely parents are here to spend time with DC smile

No idea what colours though! I've been googling "2015 nail trends" etc but no luck. I know I'm over thinking this and people will say "just pick colours you like" but it's such a rare treat that I'd like to feel chic and happy when I look at my nails.

Please could somebody advise some colours that suit light brown skin - for example, I think chocolate will look like poo on my nails.

Will prob remove in a week so nothing fancy. I have a 1 year old so nails will be short. I like neutrals on hand I think and don't mind bright toes. flowers

Brookville Sun 17-May-15 00:11:14

Pale pink or taupe for finger nails.

Flossyfloof Sun 17-May-15 00:58:54

Maybe pale coral? <clueless>
I spend as much time choosing my nail colours as some people do choosing a tattoo.
Why does the colour have to be neutral?

Archer26 Sun 17-May-15 01:07:50

A nude or coral colour. I currently have a pinky nude colour called silk pyjamas on. Goes with everything And is a classic.

BehindEveryCloud Sun 17-May-15 06:26:07

Thank you! Pale pinky nudey coral it is grin

flossy I just meant something that goes with whatever I'm wearing really - neutral might be the wrong term

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