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Does anyone use Rosehip oil on their skin?

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WilburIsSomePig Fri 15-May-15 23:01:21

I have read amazing things about it and wondered if anyone on here uses it and what you think?

AmelieinOz Fri 15-May-15 23:03:18

Me. I mix a small drop of moisturizer with three drops of rosehip oil. I've always had good skin, but the difference is very noticeable when I started using it.

MagratGarlik Fri 15-May-15 23:19:01

I use a couple of drops of rosehip oil on my skin at night and it helps moisturize better than any night-cream I've tried.

I must admit, on my skin, I prefer evening primrose oil, which works even better, and I'll go back to evening primrose oil once the rosehip oil is used up.

CuttedUpPear Fri 15-May-15 23:22:05

I was using it but got out of the habit.
It stained my pj top brown though sad

Shonajay Fri 15-May-15 23:53:33

Yep, every night. Onto my 2nd 100ml bottle now. I se my clarisonic, then rosehip oil on face and neck. My skin had definitely improved vastly.

UmmNoor Sat 16-May-15 00:39:14

Which brand do you ladies use please?

AmelieinOz Sat 16-May-15 00:41:09

I use Kosmea now. I like it better than Sukin, but Sukin was nice too.

DrankSangriaInThePark Sat 16-May-15 06:47:16

I've used it in the past but didn't find it made much difference to my skin, as mine is v dry and rosehip isn't one of the richer oils. I prefer the NY Frankincense oil though am finishing a bottle of NY Rose at the moment.
However, if you want to try rosehip, just buy a non branded one from Amazon or ebay. I use Naissance a lot, all certified organic but cost about a fifth of fancy pants Trilogy and all of the others. Unless you are after a rosehip blended with other things you might as well get a non branded/packaged one.

MagratGarlik Sat 16-May-15 08:39:30

Mine is from Green Keratin, I ordered it from Amazon.

airedailleurs Sat 16-May-15 08:45:20

yes I've been using it for about 3/4 weeks on my face neck and hands and the backs of my hands in particular are noticeably softer and less wrinkly. I use Trilogy but I hadn't realised you could get it much cheaper, so thanks for the tip Drank!

FluffyCubs Sat 16-May-15 08:55:11

Use fushi.....for 14 quid, you get 100ml which lasts for months, it's done wondered on my haggard old coupon

winterwalks Sat 16-May-15 11:46:11

I too use fushi.
My skin is very sensitive and many things trigger it
I think it is great.
An ethical company too

FluffyCubs Sat 16-May-15 19:55:01

winterwalks, did you suffer greatly when they ran out? they had nothing for months, I was so desperate....when it came back in a couple of weeks ago, I WAS OVERJOYED....and ordered four!

winterwalks Sun 17-May-15 21:46:34

No fluffy - I must have bought it just before it ran out.
I do think it is fantastic - one of the few face products that doesnt irritate

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