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Recommend a mid range anti ageing moisturiser

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krisskross Fri 15-May-15 20:16:20

I know lots of people will say they're all rubbish....

But, I am 40 and getting a crepey neck. Can someone recommend a day cream.with spf that won't break the bank? Night cream would Night cream would be good too.

I've tried no. 7 protect and perfect intense but didn't think much of it. Ditto clarins for sensitive skin, and the aldi one brings me out in spots.

I have sensitive, combination skin. Prone to dry patches and still got black heads (yuk)

Thank you

krisskross Sat 16-May-15 20:54:30

Please, anyone?

thetropicmama7 Sat 16-May-15 21:03:45

L'oreal Revitalist. It was recently on offer in Superdrug for about £6. I use it mostly on my neck as it has a sweet(ish) smell that I don't like on my face but it is very good.

drspouse Sat 16-May-15 21:14:33

You seem to have similar skin to me...

krisskross Sat 16-May-15 21:22:16

Thanks tropic mama...what do you like about it?

fredabear Sat 16-May-15 21:25:34

The vichy aqualia range is great, hydrating and light

fredabear Sat 16-May-15 21:27:22

any of the vichy stuff in fact, gets great reviews in press

lilolilmanchester Sat 16-May-15 21:31:37

I think the important thing is to moisturise morning and night as a routine, rather than go for expensive creams.i use Aldi's day and night creams - tried them when they won some awards a few years back. I'm 10 years older than you and wouldn't go back to the more expensive moisturisers I used to use

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