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Love Geri Halliwell's wedding dress!

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LeoandBoosmum Fri 15-May-15 17:15:34

Didn't expect her to look so classy blush

The lace is gorgeous close-up.

fortunately Fri 15-May-15 17:16:34

Oh gorgeous. Love the bridesmaid too smilethanks

Summer29 Fri 15-May-15 17:18:58

She looks lovely!

LeoandBoosmum Fri 15-May-15 17:21:23

Look at the back! Gorgeous!

leccybill Fri 15-May-15 17:23:07

It's very elegant. And no Union Jacks in sight smile

fortunately Fri 15-May-15 17:23:23

Two thumbs up

Kbear Fri 15-May-15 17:23:36

Classy Spice! Love the dress, she looks a million dollars!

StupidBloodyKindle Fri 15-May-15 17:28:00

Beautiful. Was just about to post in Sleb twaddle, his parents stuck to their guns and did not attend.
Was it black/white theme as the sleb guests looked bloody awful.

fortunately Fri 15-May-15 17:28:44

Oh what's the goss Stupid?

Euphemia Fri 15-May-15 17:36:12


noddyholder Fri 15-May-15 17:37:14

She looks fantastic

TheOriginalWinkly Fri 15-May-15 17:38:49

That's utterly gorgeous.

Why didn't his parents attend? Unless the couple did something truly awful to them, that's shocking behaviour.

Koalafications Fri 15-May-15 17:40:14

I knew she would have a gorgeous wedding dress.

drinkscabinet Fri 15-May-15 17:40:23

Beautiful dress, she looks fantastic.

JoanHickson Fri 15-May-15 17:41:34

She looks fantastic.

I am a pleased for her too, she had a long rough ride to becoming a bride. I hope they are happy.

Nishky Fri 15-May-15 17:43:32

Is the bridesmaid her daughter do we think, I think she is about 9

Nishky Fri 15-May-15 17:44:41

Also I love that type of veil that is almost transparent, looks lovely

fancyanotherfez Fri 15-May-15 17:44:55

that's a lovely dress.

I think the goes is that he left his girlfriend of 15 years just after she had his baby and went out with Geri soon after. But the dress is fan nevertheless!!!

fancyanotherfez Fri 15-May-15 17:45:42

and his parents weren't happy about it.

Nishky Fri 15-May-15 17:45:48

I mean sheer!! Not many non-transparent veils!

JoanHickson Fri 15-May-15 17:45:56

I think it is her dd.

MonstrousRatbag Fri 15-May-15 17:45:57

He apparently left his then wife 6 months after she had their child to take up with Geri. Parents shocked and upset at their son's behaviour.
Typically catty DM take on it.

DoTheDuckFace Fri 15-May-15 17:47:14

Beautiful dress, she looks amazing!!

JoanHickson Fri 15-May-15 17:48:10

Oh [shock, I am quite disgusted at the pair of them if that is true. <channeling my mum here> She wore white and had a big wedding in those circumstances. hmm

Baddz Fri 15-May-15 17:48:53

That dress is beautiful.

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